Mystery Strain identify

I bought some White Widow and Silver Haze seeds for a 1st time hydro grow in a Supercloset. I have 4 plants growing, but 1 clearly is not like the other two. Left side is Silver haze, white widow in the middle but no idea on the right side. IMG_3472

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That is white widow i had the same leaf structure and it was 11 weeks in flower to finish and right at 3 months curing for your ears to really ring or the waaaa waaaa s or hear drums

Let those go to because in the last week i spike the stalk and they get heavy rock hard to in and really pack’s it on in the last week i went to 30 percent amber trichomes and harvest then

i put up pictures and weights in my harvest journal the reaper has come hope this helps you


Let them grow… :grin: