Mystery seeds, Drooping leaves

I have here two different types of plants. I have no idea the strains, I usually buy different stains and mix when they become low in each bag and at the end, I came across 2 seeds. One I started growing a month earlier. I’m having issues with my leaves dropping and my 1st plant has almost reached to my light! Second plant is really short and bushy, doesn’t seem to want to grow up. If anyone can give me some help on what I should do I would appreciate it! Thank you for checking out!

Did the lights just come on? When was the last time you watered? The reason I’m asking is because they droop in the dark at times like they are sleeping and will perk back up. The watering, well they can droop from both under and over watering. Other than that they look great! If you want to keep them about the same height you can try to Supercrop the tall one to make it shorter and bushier.


Looks like they either want water or they have too much water.

Thank you. I have been trying hard. I just watered them yesterday. They looked droopy when I got back home from out town So I watered them, my girl was watching them for me for few weeks. I gave her a watering schedule but no telling if It was followed. Good idea. The big plant has been sprouted since June 2nd so I was thinking about switching to flowing soon, I actually supercropped the small one yesterday as well. Can I top that big one off being the old and big as it is?

I thought same thing but my pit felt light when I rotated so thought it would need water. I might have overwatered it. And it’s like 18” from my light. I have taken zip ties and tried tying the top down. Wasn’t sure if it was good idea to top it being so far into veg or if it would overtake my grow room

You can definitely top it before you switch to flower. Just don’t recommend it during flower. They will take a lot of abuse in veg, not so much in flower.

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