Mystery seed miracle? (first grow, first post) [outdoor 5 gallon pot, 6/21/17]


I got some seeds from a friend and started reading forums from there. All i knew up to that point was from trimming and consuming.

On June 21, I had two seeds who had sprouted legs. I put them in one pot. It was about 3 gallons max. As they grew, I transplanted them both. One survived and one did not. Both are pictured for the entirety of their lives.

I planted in Miracle Gro with a little perlite mixed in. I fed with some pretty basic any-plant veg fertilizer and fox farms tiger bloom for flower.

I moved the plants each day to get pretty much direct sun for as long as the sun was out during veg. I stopped that when pistils began to show.

I “FIMed” the top when it began growing its 5th node. Which is to say I literally pinched that new growth off with my fingers and it became a two-headed beast from then on.

At about week 10, I attempted to use something called dietomaceous earth to help get rid of some pests and that brings us to the present.

9/6/17 11:20 am PST: Thanks everyone for your comments! So, I will spend some time trying to get the pics in order later this evening after work. But my main concerns at this point are about if I’m growing at the right pace and how to safely remove some of the DE. I want a light powdering on the leaves where the miners and mites are eating up plant matter and maybe some sprinkled on the top of the soil But, bottom line, I should have tested that duster before shooting it at the plant.
The forum limits newbies’ daily posts, so I’ll also say here that I appreciate the tip about yellowing leaves. That was early July right after transplanting. That’s when I started using the veg fert. A few weeks later, I FIMed. A few weeks after that, white pistils started popping up and I started using the Tiger Bloom. I realized from another question I saw that I hadn’t effectively phrased that sentence to indicate that the two fertilizers were never being used at the same time.
The 2nd question about whether I’m using Tiger Bloom “already”, touches on my concern, I think. I get the feeling that I’m behind in terms of bud production compared to some journals I’ve seen for a plant this age and 4 weeks or so into flower. I’m measuring flowering of an outdoor plant by when I see the white pistils. Is that where I’m going wrong?

Thanks again, everyone!





Is there more to come?


Yes! Sorry I went down an image organizing rabbit hole.


OK BrandNewbian, I’ll be waiting.


@brandnewbian They look like they have a great start so far! Keep up the awesome work! What lights do you have them under?



Sorry I can’t keep the order of the pics from getting screwed up!

These latest are from this morning! You can note the two biggest things on my mind right now:

  1. How is my progress compared to expectations in this phase of growth/flowering?

  2. How should I handle that DE situation, which clearly got away from me?


Looking good my man, but a little yellowing on the tips I see on the last pic. Just a growers concern. Did I read correctly that you are already giving it tiger bloom for the flowering stage?

Ah I retract my statement that was before all the pictures were done


Looking good! The DE when completely dry, should be able to be blown off the leaves…a nice windy day, may blow it off the leaves. She is budding nicely! It looks to be at about the same stage of flower as my first girl, so that is cool. I will follow your journal; I want to see how she finishes. We have weeks of flower to go. If you want to follow my journal, here is the link.


@BrandNewbian welcome to ILGM!!
Looking good. I personally stop putting DE on my plants once the flowers start showing. You can sprinkle on top of the soil to help prevent bugs I also sprinkle in the surrounding area to help with pests as well.
Plants are looking good. Do you have any nutrients yet for the flowering stage? (Usualy called bloom nutrients)
When they get into there flowering stage your plants will require more phosphorus and potassium than they do in Veg. Phosphorus and potassium are the nutrients the plants use to make hefty buds. Mtheu do look nice though so you are definitely on the right track.


You could mix De with water and mist it on a land thawith will leave a light dusting of de on leaves when it dries or use a de duster @BrandNewbian
Looking good tho
:+1: CB
@Jmesser80 is on point about dusting once they flower but you can wash the harvest before drying also to ensure you get it t all off
@Hogmaster has a nice video about this man be hell stop by and post a link for you bro
And welcome to ILGM the farm bro


Yes, welcome. Great place to be. Outside grower from New England. Washed my buds past few harvests. Wouldn’t believe the crap that comes off. Not the crystals though :wink:


@Manny_FTGUTube Yeah I wasn’t quite done but I had to get the pics organized. So yeah at this point, I’m using tiger bloom.

In early July, I battled the yellowing (a ph issue, I found) with the veg nutes that gave the nitrogen I was apparently missing. I never stopped with that 2x weekly regimen right through until I got white pistils in about week 7.


Yours looks Great! Kinda kicking myself for not going indoor but being my first grow, the cost was prohibitive to experimentation. How much did the ability to control light speed up the process for You? I bet the flowering part is great being able to shut out light! @Tr33


I honestly wish I hadn’t done it at all. I’ve gotten a bit off by hand and with a fan. But I’m gonna have to try the wash from the vid on about half the tree. And I’m nervous about ending up with moldy bud!
@bruinsfan33 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster

@Jmesser80 Is that because it gets into the bud? What do you do for pests during flower?


Try mixing DE with water 2-3 teaspoon per gallon and mist the plants @BrandNewbian when it dries it will leave a nice light coating on the leaves
If you wash at harvest you should be fine the de will come off the bud


9/7/17 update. Sun got out early in Southern California. Still not a lot of odor but some respectable growth.


Well now that the pictures are done yeah your doing a great job man! Can’t wait to see the final product