Mystery seed From the down under

Getting closer😋


Looking good. :+1:

Looking good so far. :+1:

Can anyone tell me when I should start flushing? I was thinking give it 2 weeks and and then start the 2 week flush. Any tips and things I can do to increase bud size/trichome development towards the end of harvest?

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Being a sativa (or sativa dominant at least) she looks like she’s got quite a ways to go still

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Yup…way to many white pistils. :+1:

That tall lanky girl is definitely Sativa. All ya’ll down under are going into fall, so your days are getting shorter! Sativas take longer especially outdoors. So add a tablespoon of backstrap molasses to your water. Add to your normal watering schedule! Helps sweeten and plump them up…

Ive used it. Certainly wont hurt… Cheers Mate!!

How much molasses would you put to a 9ltr watering can? And what does the molasses do?

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Hang on. Have to stand on my head so I can think Down under! Lol. 1 US Gal = 3.79 liters. Si, 5ml per gal or what ever that =s… Sorry couldn’t stand on my head long enough to do the math!! Cheers mate…

Make sure its shaken very Very good. Should look like apple juice. Hope that helps.

Wow man. That looks just like my plants here in SA. Also, mystery strain. Albeit one grow previously of the same seeds 9 years ago and now early Dec germination. Looks great.
Mine are in 40ltr pots outdoors. I don’t intend on flushing them. Have just removed the pot pan to allow a faster runoff.


Nice plant, good to see another from SA here.

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That 14 hour flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg is a Bit♧h!!! One of my longest flights ever!!

@DivChem My longest was from Houston to London to Joberg. That was my longest and second longest was from far western Nebraska to Chicago to London to Moscow, Russia.

Girls looking good @repins12. I have also been keeping an eye out for one of those Sniper silver bar. I should just write and see if anymore will become available. :+1:


I looked for one when you sent me the tag a while back but, could not find one anywhere :+1: :v: