Mystery Plant! Need help identifying

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The short story…I lost the id tag for this plant and am hoping someone can help I’d it. It IS either: Bruce Banner Auto, GSC Auto, or Gorilla Glue Auto.

Either way it’s doing fairly well and ready to harvest this week based on Trichomes, however I’m concerned that several of the pistils have not changed. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Your pictures didn’t come in try again my friend happy growing

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I can save you the effort of reposting the pics. There really is no way to visually distinguish the strains, you would pretty much have to test the DNA to be sure.


Bruce banner is sativa dominant leaves should be thin and gsc is indica dominant should be wide and the gga is 50/50 it’s hard to tell that’s about as good as it gets just like @HMGRWN dna be only way my friend happy growing

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Thanks friends for the input. I assumed that was the case but just didn’t know if anyone was “THAT” good! Ha. I will figure out the pic thing and post them anyway for the beauty of it!


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