Mystery plant in the hands of a beginner

A seed fell out from a purchase of several strains so I started it in my AeroGarden.Grew fast and planted in a growing medium. Moved her to the greenhouse. Wondering if it is ready to harvest. Getting a loupe tomorrow.


From the picture, looks like you have 2-3 more weeks to go. Looks great

Welcome to the forum. Good for buying a Jeweler Loupe. That takes the guess worth straight off the table as it will show you the trichomes at 60x and you will see the shape as well.

Even my sister thought it was damn cool. :+1:


Thank you for the replies HornHead and MrPeat.Glad to have advice on how much time is left. From what I’ve read that can change the effects you want. There is so much to know.:seedling::v::smiley_cat:

Looks good. I agree, a couple weeks or so. :+1:


I’ve grown a couple mystery seeds and they are always fun. I’ve forgotten to take notes a couple of times growing my fem seeds and still don’t know what they was. Other than they smoked fine.

I’m finishing off the mystery strain from a buddy. It does have a decent lemon smell to it.


Hi MrPeat,Got the loupe .It was so amazing seeing that close.I was just about to post some pics. I would appreciate any advice or comments.

Maybe an ID.



Hello,I’ve posted some pics taken through a loupe. Might you take a look and tell me about the readiness .Not looking for couch-lock.Is there any indication of what strain it might be? Sativa or Indica?Also the smell is a bit like (hate to say it )manure.

@revbev By what I can see with my poor vision you still have a couple weeks to go. I maybe wrong.

@MrPeat I looked again today with the loupe and decided to harvest. The trichomes looked cloudy and a couple were brownish. I hated to because it was so beautiful. The buds are so dense.TY for the help.:v:

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This is why a Jeweler loupe comes in handy. Glad you got one. :+1: