Mystery Grow 2.0 (2nd grow, outdoor, 10 gallon air pot, late September from seed)


This grow came at the tail end of my first one. Originally, I had thought to take some lessons and let my next grow be an indoor operation, but the frustration of imperfect pest control and an imperfect harvest/cure process have left me feeling motivated to get it right before graduating to something new.

With that prupose in mind, I set out to sprout more of my mystery seeds in small cups. Then I took the one most resilient sprout and transplanted to a 3 gallon pot for a few weeks where it has developed a nice root system.

Now at about a month of growth, I’ve FIMed the top growth and transplanted to the 10 gallon air pot that I’ll do the rest of the process in (I’m considering one more flowering transplant)

The soil is some recycled soil from round 1, along with new miracle gro, and dietomaceous earth. I’ll again be using a nitrogen-rich, all-purpose plant food for veg and I’m open to new ideas for bloom fert. To be honest, I expected bigger buds last time around.

The goals here will be to avoid pest and disease while maintaining an organic outdoor grow and time the harvest and cure more effectively. The additional burden will be to get adequate sun in the early part of the grow since the days are getting shorter soon.

Sept 26

Mystery seed miracle? (first grow, first post) [outdoor 5 gallon pot, 6/21/17]

October 10


October 18


Best of luck. Is that a Basil also? I plant basil with my tomatoes :grinning:


Thanks! I’m looking forward to going again. I’m actually not sure what that is, but it doesn’t smell like basil yet.

I have a lot going on in my garden but when those popped up, I decided to see where they go. I don’t predict any harm because I knew the cannabis was coming out of there but I don’t actually know what it is. :slight_smile:


October 27 - transplant complete and good shot of the FIMed top (as well as “mystery basil” for SmokinGranny!)


She looks healthy and strong; nice job.


I’m happy that our timing lined up again!


Looks great but that’s not Basil. Unless it’s clover (& it’s NOT), pull it out & put it in a separate pot if you want to see what it is :blush::+1:


It is down in the raised bed now so we’ll see what happens. @SmoknGranny


Looking good.


I would think Basil would help disguise the smell of mj. Outside and in a tent. Hadnt thought of that but I might start some basil in both my tents. Have tomaters started in one so adding some basil will go right along.


@cyberblast yep, I would have loved for it have been basil but no such luck. I’m gonna get some though now.


:joy: BrandNewbian @cyberblast Did I accidentally start something?


Healthy gal you got there


Yep…looks like you did…:rofl:


Thanks! Looking for good things in her future!


On a serious note, I’m going to try companion plants with my outdoor grow this coming spring. Basil, Dill, clover, beans, POTTED mint, etc. Some plants are great for camouflage, odor, pesticides and nutrients. :blush: That’s why I did a double take here. I was hoping for more info :rofl: since I thought @BrandNewbian was doing it.


Having some trouble getting these leaves to stop drooping post-FIM


feed it more if u are givin a ltr then take to 1.5 and then see wat happen cause wid in 30/40mins will show u if she happy or not but if it not feed day then way or give it a bit at a time bless