Mystery girl and when to flip to flower

Hi, this is my first grow. I purchased 10 feminized GSCE seeds from IGLM, geminated 4. They popped out of their Coast of Maine Stonington Blend on 4/27. They are about 13" tall. The four girls look fine and are doing well. If you look at the attached pictures, you will see the first three look a lot alike. The fourth picture down (one of the 10 GSCE seeds) looks different. The plant is not as tall as the others, much bushier, very compact and the leaves are slightly different. I know there are lots of strains to grow, any ideas on what it could possibly be?

Also, I have done a bunch of reading trying to determine when to flip the ladies into flower. They are at the start of the 9th week since popping up. Three are about 14" tall and the mystery girl is only 10". Do you get a better yield letting them get taller before flipping them? I can raise my light to about 60", and leaving 12" between the light and the upper most buds my plants can’t be more that 48" tall total height.
Any guesses on how much GSCE plants might stretch during flower?


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They look great. All indica heavy so stretch is not as bad as a sativa… Figure a double in height. Totally up to you when according to headroom. They can be turned anytime. That is about where i flip when not in a 20 gallon pot.

Indica and sativa side by side. And single. Last pics stretch done.

And to answer mystery girl…plants same strain can grow totally different. Size. Shape…etc. welcome to the forum.

I guess she will have to get used to being a red-headed step sister!

Mother nature can throw us a curve once in a while