Mystery bean(Dagobah Dank?)


Good evening! This journal will document a batch of mystery seeds I received from my father. The only history I have about it is it’s from California from a dispensary when medical first hit. Let’s call it dagobah dank for fun. Most likely photo so I will treat it as such. I have attempted to germinate around 15 straight in soil as that’s how I’ve always done it and I’m lazy, all duds except one that

I was able to sprout. It’s around a week old as you will see in the pics below. It will be a journey and I’m excited to speculate at what strain I’m growing. I am attempting to germinate at least one more using more guaranteed germination methods. I am using a 125w daylight CFL and ballast mainly. I have a secondary LED lamp but it’s tiny and all I could afford. I have other plants later in life you may see in the background, again, limited lighting options. I will try to update as often as possible. I’m new here so feel free to give me tips about using the site, thanks and here we go!


@Spencer084 first and foremost welcome to ILGM FORUM. You’ll spend a lot of time here, everyone’s is very knowledgeable, and if someone doesn’t know we tag someone who does. You have very beautiful seedling on your hands. Maybe we could start off by getting to know your grow space a little better. Are you in a tent? What do you have for lighting?
Even if it’s not the best, it’ll still grow and flower, but yields may be impacted. Lighting is very often overlooked. (I know my first grow was) We all want you to succeed even if it’s a random bag seed. That can be equally as exciting. The best you’ll be able to tell is if it’s sativa dominant or indica dominant. That’s usually as close as we can get. When responding don’t forget to tag someone like @Covertgrower so we get notified. Happy growing!


Well @Covertgrower I’m not growing in a tent or anything. I’m in the basement utility closet. Constant temp of 73 during the day and 70 at night. Humidity is very low as I live in high desert, even in the basement. There is a steady flow of fresh air near the floor and the air in the room is pumped out using my homes air filtration system.

My main light is a 125w cfl with ballasted fixture( pictures below) and a 45w LED for supplemental lighting.

I’m using happy frog soil and only ph’d water of course for seedling, once she enters veg I will start half powered fox farms nutes for veg and also fox farms big bloom nutes for flowering once she gets there. I am a stay at home so I check on my garden several times a day.


I should also mention my main goal here is to do an adjusted perpetual harvest. I only plan to ever have 2 plants flowering at a time while two veg. Just working on the timing.


@Spencer084 low humidity is fantastic for flowering. Lower the better. I too am working on the timing, but I need another tent first.


Update: I have a tote of dirt I tried germinating 8 seeds in months ago with nothing. I even have tilled the dirt looking for the beans with no luck. While moving my lights to a more efficient height and I noticed a sprout in the tote! So I place this baby under the light and what do I spy? 2 other sprouts popping out their heads. I’m just going to move the sproutlings to their own containers and keep watering the tote and take out the sprouts as they happen. This is what I love about horticulture, life fighting tooth and nail to survive and even the weakest of the bunch could turn out to yeild amazingly.


Update: here’s they all are now. Got 5 total so far. A new one sprouted in the tote today.


Well there are 7 in total now doing well. Here’s pics.


After seeing the poor yield of my previous girls using this lighting setup I have gone ahead and purchased a 300w led panel that should arrive in a day or two. Once that’s up this 125w cfl is coming down.


Here’s the crew.


Lookin good @Growba-Fett :+1: :smile:


So I got the new 300w led light installed as my main light to replace the 125w CFL. Still leaving most of the seedlings under the 45w led shelf (The Kindergarden). One is slightly mutated, it hasn’t sprouted any leaves other than the starting set and doesn’t seem to show any indication of doing so. This is the seedling I soaked for 24 hrs, saw a small crack in the shell and couldn’t with all my finger strength get it open so I just planted it. Somethings up with it. Just a mutant.


Not much to report. All seedlings doing fine except the one that never got leaves. I pulled it and decided not to waste resources on it if it was never going to get additional leaves. I just planted a skylar white auto to keep toying with the timing for my adjusted perpetual harvest. It’s a variation of WW and skywalker but that’s a whole other journal in itself that I’ll start later.



Here’s an update of pics


Transplanted one to a gh drip system with clay pellets.


Here’s the new hydro setup a little closer. Transplanted today after the hydroponic store guy told me you could transplant between not only mediums but also type of growing system. It looks a little sad but it was the strongest of the bunch so it should survive.


Had to get rid of 3 today as I just don’t have the room. The two who shared a pot and just another by itself. Traded em for a quarter of another growers recent harvest. Good stuff but def needs to be cured longer, so I jarred it up. Anyways, down to just the one in the hydro setup so I really hope it’s a female. I also have the 2 auto sproutlings on deck about 2 weeks old but that’s another journal I’ll make in the future.


I accidentally mixed the solution for 4 gallons instead of 2 gallons and she burned bad. Got her back on the right strength and she’s coming back but here she is at it’s worst before I swapped solution.