Mysterious bug!

Has anyone ever seen anything like this what kind of a bug is this!?

It look something like a Boxelder beetle , but I’m not positive .

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Thanks! He flew away…but probably be back. Hes high right now…LOL

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And sticky feet !!! … If he gets a good buzz he will be back . Boxelder bugs will not hurt your plants other than shit on them . Your bug looked a little different . Not sure what he was .

@Oleskolpaperchick Hey … I found your mysterious bug . He is on the wrong kind of weed .

. Milkweed Bug .
Small Milkweed Bugs are a type of Seed Bug whose larvae eat the seeds of milkweed. Milkweed contains a chemical that gets stored inside the young insect and helps prevent it from being eaten by small animals by making them sick or worse. Removing a segment of potential predators is a boon to survival. As adults, Small Milkweed Bugs travel away from the host plant and even the juvenile diet. Adults are not picky eaters. They will consume nectar, dead insects, bug eggs, and other plant seeds.

It is common to see them in a variety of areas, from urban to rural. They are also found with friends on the same plant or nearby. Their similar coloring and pattern resemble that of Boxelder Bugs and Milkweed Bugs (regular sized). In warm regions, they are active year round. In colder climates, they are active from spring to autumn.