Mycorhizae Products

Hey people what are the best mycorhizae products in your opinion and why?
Which have you tried already and what is your experience using them in your grows.
Have a nice day :grin:

I use this.

I layer it in as I am filling my plants’ final pots. It does help. My root systems are much more extensive since I’ve started using mykos. I use 10-gal pots and will layer in about a 1/2 cup of this mykos product on the final transplant.

I don’t know if there is a “best” product. They are all pretty much the same, imho.


Ok thanks, 10 gal pots must be so dope to grow in ( i dont have the space ) how long do you veg for ?

Usually between 8 and 12 weeks. It depends on how fast the plant is growing.


I use great white. I like how powdery it is. Makes it easy to stick to the rootball and sidewalls of the transplant hole.


I second the xtreme gardening stuff, newbie so not a lot of real experience to go own, but I transplanted my 3 autos and used it and maybe that’s why they didn’t die. Aslo it’s FREE go to there website they have a cool sample pack, not free but 8-9 bucks you get a few different products. Still have some stuff left for next grow.


White rhino from nimbin nutrients Australia


I also use Great White for all transplanting and seedling and clone medium. I use coco and add Voodoo Juice and Piranha from Advanced Nutrients according to its Growers Recipe - Natural. Basically first couple of weeks of veg and flower. Add a little Bud Candy to feed them and they go to work.
I would have to say comparing where I started using soil and then adding Advanced Nutrients I saw an improvement. And now using coco, Jack’s and selected AN products I experienced more improvement.


Actually this is the best imo fertilizer ,mykos, humic, and kelp . Best for making organic coco coir and revitalizing old soil ( 16-20 tablespoons per 5 gallons)


Like @beardless I run coco and AN, but I use a custom Myco made by my hydro store to apply to the roots and use Myco+ (soluble) for a feeding after transplant. So far I’ve done 24 transplants this way and haven’t had any shock with their transfers. Each week I introduce the Myco+ again for each plant.

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Sounds awesome with the custom myco, where you from if i may ask.
I will transplant today as microbes and fungis i ad mycorhizae, trichoderma and other beneficial bacteria.
For the medium i will go with 10% mega worm 30% perlite and 60% coco coir.

This is the mix.

Endomycorrhizal Fungi:

Glomus intraradices, G.
mosseae, G. aggregatum, G.
etunicatum, Glomus
deserticola, G. monosporum,
G. clarum, Paraglomus
brasilianum and Gigaspora

Ectomycorrhizal Fungi:

Rhizopogon villosulus, R.
luteolus, R. amylopogon, R.
fulvigleba, Pisolithus
tinctorius , Suillus granulatus,
Laccaria bicolor and L. laccata,
Scleroderma cepa and S.

Includes: Clay, soluble kelp and humic acid.

IMO this blend is amazing, and it really doesn’t take much. I just use a brush and sprinkle some on any damaged roots, or roots I had to amputate. So I’m mainly applying to the bottom roots only. Using the soluble Myco+ to water the other non damaged roots. Could also use a salt shaker they informed me, don’t have one :point_up:.

This is the Myco+ that I use for feeding.

I should mention that my medium blend will also include Myco.

I run ProMix

I mix up 40% ProMix HP, 30% ProMix Moisture Control, 30% Fox Farm Cultivation Nation.

What I have found is this starts out very light, as I will also germinate my seeds in this mix. There is almost little resistance for the seedlings :seedling: to start rooting themselves, as there are practically no nutrients I don’t have to worry about them getting sick early on. As they get older and more watering the mix slowly compacts over the roots. Usually after each watering I will add back a little more of the mix for any sunken areas or exposed roots. Downside, my roots can explode faster than I can keep up with multiple plants if I forget a step. This has caused me to transplant some sooner than I would have preferred. But each time they have transplanted without issue.

When I was first running soil, I lost 4 plants after transplant. Plant SIDS sucks, after making the switch to a coco blend my results have been far better, but I like having control over nutrients. I also like that it can usually only take 1-3Gallons of water to flush a pot back to a neutral state.

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Had to wait for the lights to come on.

So when I had to transplant these their roots exploded through their containers. So there was a good amount of roots amputated from each. Used their Myco mix on the cut areas and the girls recovered some small nutrient issues they had from drinking run off.

After transplant 1 week.


This is what im using, i sprinkle 3g on the roots and 2g in the transplanting hole.
Its my first time using mycorhizae so i cant report yet how it affects the plants.
This is how they look rn.


Since you’re coco are you giving CalMag?

Yes i do but i think i should ad more they seem to need it.

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That’s what it looks like. I am using a new nutrient line this run, so I didn’t add any supplements early on to see what the plants would feel they lack, I started to see the light yellow occur, reintroduced my Cal-Mag Plus, within about 3-4 days all the leaves cleared up, those too far gone I just removed.

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I use the full remo line they recommend using 2ml/l of calmag i already give 3, how high to you think i can go ?
With the calmag at 3 and the rest as recommendet i have a ppm of 900 idk how high i can go

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5 plants I only see with leaves high enough that are effected. I would look at the RO from them, see what it’s at now. I believe that most are getting what they want so I wouldn’t adjust your routine just examine the girls showing signs, just to ensure nothing surprises you overnight.

I use rain water so my collection is usually sitting around 50-70ppm which gives me flexibility, and if I need to I have reverse osmosis. What type of water do you use for mixing nutrients and what’s its TDS without anything added.

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