Mycelium Webb’s

Hey everyone. James again. lol. I feel needy
Sorry. I really want to grow with super soil and have read a bunch of stuff on it and watched tons of videos on it. I been researching it on and off for a bunch of years but never really did it. I would apply the rules n my gardening and planting vegetables but never with cannabis. That’s the route I want to go. I need help tho. I have a backyard I lame my own mulch. I would like to start to do bokashi as well. Also I’m very interested to see if floraflex that i use kills my microbes or hot ? I really want a web o. Top layer of my pots here’s some pictures from today. My vege and separate flower tent. I’m using hlg550 In flower .i use recharge michrosae (bad speller) mammoth p and flora flex also but not in same order. Foxfarms gringo Rasta cal mag. Npk industry silica and slf100 on water days 5-10ml on feed day I have some amino acids coming In to try and help my powdery mildew thing in my skittles cake Viper spectra in vege flora flex and all the others too. I do inoculate but in Dii ok t see this web How do I do that Mycelium thing ??? Thanks In



NPK Industries sells a product that have basically powdered bacteria and fungi, just add it to your watering.


Thanks bro what’s the name of it.

There’s a bloom and veg. Here’s the veg version.

RAW Microbes Grow Stage 8 oz

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