My young plants from 9-2-2021 and 9-17-2021 1st Timer

Here is a pic of my young plants, healthy and green. Thank god for PH and water meters. I just added some nutes to these a few days ago. They look better ! One is growing very fast. I hope I’m doing something right. Getting them a new home with a better light soon.

IMG_20211007_014716466 (1)|375x500


Welcome to the community! They look pretty good to me!!

Lower your light halfway, try to control them growing to lanky

The light is approx about 17 inches away and the lightbulb is only a Bulbright 50 Watt LED Corn Bulb, E26/E39 Base, 5000Lumen, IP65, Replacement 200-250W HID/HPS/Metal Halide or CFL, LED Bulb for Indoor Outdoor . I am going to be getting a new tent/fan/filter and light friday.