My WW from ILGM


If anybody is leery of ordering from Claire and Robert don’t be. I sent cash and received my package 28 days after ordering…already in dirt and two have popped their heads up!!
I was impressed enough that I just placed another order…No worries, just order and relax.


Got mine here in the northern states within a couple weeks as well.


Really good company with a great staff.


I’ve been ordering from Robert for over two year’sl now and I have never had a problem
Never. I likepd ordering the WW. Always got 20freeseedls. Now the only thing I didn’t like was when you would order a different strain and got 3 or 5 free seeds you wouldn’t know what the free seeds where.iI hate nt knowing.
But other than that I’ll still be ordeing from Robert for years to come.



I just placed my first order for the White Widow Auto Fem special on 4/20. However, they never arrived. And today my bank called to say that my charge card is being used all over Europe. Strange since I live in Hawaii. Anyway, here I am with no seeds, a frozen charge acct due to the identity theft and no response yet from the ILGM team. I hope that their customer service team lives up to their reputation!


Have you sent Clair a message ? She is awesome and will take care of it.
Here is a link to her. Hope it helps



SirCharles, follow the link that “garrigan62” gave you in his post.
Claire will take care of the problems your having with your order. (CC identity theft would be through your banks fraud dept…not ILGM)
Just as a note; I always send cash and I followed the instructions given at order time on how to send cash. No paper trail and no ID Theft problems either-just a thought for next time.


Thanks to both you and Garrigan. After posting here, I ping ponged around several other people and Departments at ILGM without anyone accepting responsibility to correct the problem of even the missing seeds.
The lost shipment and my credit card being compromised are undoubtedly unrelated event, but they both originated with this single transaction with ILGM as a new customer. Hopefully, Claire will get this straightened away before I have to protest my original charge for the seeds with my bank. :alien:


Thanks for the link to Claire. I hope that she can at least get replacement seeds off to me while my bank resolves my identity theft issue.
Keep growing! :alien:


Trust me…just explain what’s going on and what happens and I’m sure Robert and Clair will come through fr you.

Til then
B Safe


Well their Customer Service department just brushed me off telling me that if I count “business” days, I am one day early in my complaint.
That’s just crazy since I’m being deprived the use of the credit card that I need to use daily for my two businesses because of whatever happened here.
I’m sure that it will all work out in the end but for the time bring I may have to protest the charge for the seeds with my Bank and let them deal with ILGM.


My first order didn’t make it either and they told me the same thing 30 business days and when that was up I emailed Claire and they sent it right away and I got it in 11 days
-good luck hope it works out


Mine took 28 business days to arrive, so just hang for another day and contact Claire.


My order took 11 days(east coast), and my credit card wasn’t charged through a European company just sayin :confused:. Many forms of stealth.


I ordered the 5x5 WW special on the 18th of May and got it on the 28th of May. All contents were in good shape. Looking forward to a nice grow with them.