My wilting babies

My babies are wilting. I don’t know exactly what kind of seeds I’ve been growing but they started off nicely in my Aerogarden. I transplanted them into 2gal pots and put them in my grow room about 2wks ago. They were doing fine until yesterday when the temp reached 80 degrees. I have the a.c. on but the plants are still wilting. Please give me some insight on what to do

when did you last water

3days ago. I use a spray bottle with distilled water. About 25 sprays every 4 days

You’re 2 weeks in. They may need a little more water than spray. How big are they?

let me tag a few ppl, i am just a novice @Hogmaster @Happy_Pappy @garrigan62 @raustin @anon95385719 @Countryboyjvd1971

can you send in a pic

Ya a pic and some info like soil type nutes size pot

Fill out a support ticket and include a pic. Many will b able to help u better

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Those pots are way too small, they’re rootbound. Transplant them and they’ll be fine.


I use miracle grow potting mix. I have about 1000 watts of light. My barometer says its 91degrees in the room right now so I put the babies outside. Anything else beside reporting to a bigger pot?

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Nope, they’ll be fine after the transplant. I would try to not use the Miracle Grow if you can. It’s not great soil for MJ. Also, the temp is a little hot, just make sure you give them enough water.


I’ll repot but I have to bring them back into the house, I don’t have a safe place to put them & leave them. I’m trying to cool off my grow room now. My boyfriend is making something called a swamp bucket or cooler???

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You don’t have an a/c? That would be best, but whatever you have to do to lower the temp.

What type of soil do u recommend that isn’t too expensive. I’m on a serious budget right now

Any cheap soil that doesn’t have slow release nutrients in it. If you can find Black Gold, I would recommend that, but if you have to use the MG it’s not the worst thing in the world.


You definitely need to water more as well, they are extremely underwater, your soil looks dry it should be saturated to the point where you’re getting 20% runoff at this point, wait till it dries before watering again. Being rootbound is a problem, but you can grow a rootbound plant if maintenance is properly kept up, I definitely agree if you want it to grow bigger, than a bigger pot. But your main issue here is watering.

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Look into promix it’s cheap and works great @raustin has got you in the right direction bigger pots and give them a healthy drink there probably ready for nutrients soon :wink: you got This I grew where it was over 100 for weeks at a time it’s a. Weed treat it like one you want to keep It’s a very resilient plant

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Give them some water they are dying of thirst


Do yourself a favor. Find one person who grows that has great success and let that one person mentor you. Everyone’s suggestions are good ones but it gets confusing when several people tell you different things and leave you scratching your head. I would suggest contacting @highcountrygal, she knows how to cultivate supremely and loves to help. She’ll only suggest things but I’d contact her. @highcountrygal, would you help this kind person? Oh, and by the way, this lady might ell you something to do that you do not read on the internet or may sound like it goes against the common opinion but I’d suggest taking her suggestion. Your fine. Don’t let it stress you. Cannibis will not cease to exist because a plant or two dies with you. There’s a million seed banks. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Im growing in a room that is hot and humid but the plant is great. Those babies can handle it if you make sure they have water and airflow. Pull up a picture of Desert Palms Golf Course. Dosnt get much more sun baked than that. And it is real grass! Who would’ve thought it?


water them, feed them and repot them and you should be good to go
Good luck with your grow