My White Widow went to flower. Is it stuck there?

I’m in the middle of a WW grow that is in an ongoing journal here.
To make a long story short, I had 5 plants, they grew way too bushy to scrog together, so 1 one got voted out of the tent. I simply put a 6 week vegged plant on a stand in the south facing bathroom window.
what I neglected to realize is that it was getting 18/6 hps before being booted out of the tent and then It triggered itself into flowering due to the shorter hours of natural light. What is it going to do now that the days are getting longer. Keep flowering, hermy on me or revert back to veg.? This pistils are stacking and the sten and stalks are hardening as well. What does the committee say?
Thanks ,Mike.


It should go back into veg if it is a photo period plant and not a auto. You have 2 choices 1 let her go in the window and let her do her thing. 2 Create a dark place and flower her out

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@sirsmokes Even though it has hardened up its stalks and stems? , it can/will still go back to veg?
Will it continue to grow larger again in veg with the woody plant structure? ive assumed, maybe mistakenly, that once the plant “hardens” new growth is over? please correct me if you can.

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Yes there are some who harvest most of the plant and throw it back under lights. It can take a while but yea they can revert back and forth

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I have all intentions of letting her do her own thing there. I’m just wondering what that “thing” likely will be.
What I’m mostly curious about is the plants reaction to days that are slowly getting longer versus slowly getting shorter. Instead of huge changes in time like the four hour sudden change of going from18/6 to 12/12.
Now that the plant has triggered flowering does it “notice” the subtle changes as opposed to the forced changes enough to likely revert back to veg?

If it’s a photo plant then yes once it starts to get over 14 hrs of sunlight it will likely revert back to veg.

It is still flowering big time at this point. it will not produce a lot of yield due to natural lighting, but it did seem to stay in flower. Its looking like it will yield 1.5 to 2 oz. at this point The pistols are turning dark. Just a few weeks to go.

Is it a auto flower? Because if so they will flower under 24 hrs of light