My White Widow (ILGM seed) just stopped drinking

I thought this was interesting enough to add to the discussions, but I am not sure where to place it. Basically, everything was going along fine with 2 White Widow plants (from ILGM) when one of them just stopped absorbing water/nutrients. I immediately removed the plant and put it in a jar with plain water (pH adjusted), and a bubbler to try and help it, but to no avail. Any ideas or suggestions for the future welcomed. My plan will be to clone the one plant, and get back to 2 or 3…thanks…

Sorry if the pic is sideways, I tried twice to turn it, to no avail…


What’s the pH. Also, the roots don’t like light so the clear jar wont help the issue.

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PH at 6, they are not really getting any light, but thanks!

It looks like your water level is to high…
There should be a 1 to 2 inch air gap from the water line to the bottom of the net basket… :wink:
Plant looks like its drowning…
You might also need a bigger air pump…

Peach ~

Thanks…first thing is the jar it is in was NOT the one it failed in. They were both growing in a much larger, tank, and only this one went belly up. The water level is indeed high, in the jar (thanks) but I had it lower before I changed the water in this jar, for a third time (same pH and source). The air pump in the larger tank is indeed bigger…I appreciate the help…thanks


I am still curious what might as caused the failure of the one, and not the other…that is what puzzles me the most…what caused it to stop absorbing (anything) water?

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Too high of water levels and not enough oxygen will cause this… :+1::wink:
Is there a rockwhool cube or plug of some sort underneath the hydrotone…?
It’s probably staying too wet and causing the plant to damp off… :wink:


I hear ya, but this is not where the problem happened. Yes there is rock wool.
Thanks man…

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I think peachfuzz is correct, even if it was in different setup. Still possible to have same thing going on there.

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It’s smoked! Unfortunately without a pipe!