My White Widow Harvest 2022

This harvest was delayed due to weather and time constraints but I still think it turned out great, outdoor grow, planted 4-12-22. Guess I should say this is an auto.


she has a nice head on her shoulders


Thats a beautiful stack! The Bud Gods have smiled on you!!


looking awesome


Here is the size of the cola, that is my arm and hand below it.


Very nice.

Resist the urge to dry her whole - such a dense bud is going to be prime territory for risk of mold. :v:



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Beautiful, my favorite flower :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the input. I dry whole plant 7-10 days then cut up and cure in mason jars, been doing that for years with no problems.

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Mine too!

I have a huge bud I have hanging right now should I have cut it in half or something before hand?

If it works, it works! :v: I usually have no issue but all it took was one moldy cola to be mega bummed.

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That would suck!
I keep close eye on my drying plants ( I only grow 2 per season, both autos ) so I can be obsessive and vigilant with my drying process.
I have a Granddaddy Purple in veg stage right now for my fall harvest. :v:

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That is my GDPA as of yesterday. 5 weeks old.