My White Widow Grow


Looking good! In a few weeks, you’ll have an amazing harvest!


Thanks! I will if I can stop, ahem, testing! Honestly, sixth week of flowering and it’s already got a hell of a kick. Think this is going to be a good summer.


Quick photo update. No complaints, everything looking rosey in the garden.


Week 8 and very happy with how things are going.

Still seem to be a way to go yet, although the two bagseed look ahead of the ww.

Sorry about the banding in the pics, forgot to snap them before the light got too lighty.


Looking great! @Sam_Crow

Can I be a pain and ask for a closeup view of one of the cloas. I am in week 7 with mine am would like to compare. Thanks


Cheers! And no problem, I’ll sort that out when I get back in from work this evening.


Hope these are ok


They look great, and big! @Sam_Crow

Here’s a pic at the top of one of mine.


Looking good!

Been lopping the popcorn and side branches off as it goes, thought it would damage the plants but seems to be helping the main colas grow bigger.

Also very handy when you’ve got none left :slight_smile:


blow that smoke across the pond to the colonies LOL


Happy to lol At least you lot have legal places to go! And Canada! We have to live in the Middle Ages as per😢


What lovely people, btw. Strange for the internet!


LMAO that’s because we smoke


I don’t usually do forums but it’s only my third grow, buggered the second one up by getting stuck in Thailand, and thought shite, share :grin:

Love it, love not having to go to some piece of shit for weed, love the fact that people who think the same are so excellent.


Into week 9 and things going great.

Got some huge colas going on.

Lights on again so sorry about the pics, fiddled with them as best I could.


Before the lights came on this evening.


They look awesome @Sam_Crow


Dude looking great :+1:


Had a bit of a collapse. One of the bagseed just fell over. Seems not to have taken to the fimming and the stalks are much too thin.