My weed is to racy

The runtz and sour diesel I grew is giving me some pretty bad anxiety. I harvested when trics where cloudy with almost no amber. A mistake I wont make again.

My question is how can I now convert some of the thc to cbn?

Yes you can. Search the interwebs for decarbing for CBN



You guys rock.

From what I see most use this decarbed weed to make edibles and tinctures. Would vaping and smoking work also?

Yes, but it won’t taste as good.


You can also cycle the flower through a freezer repeatedly: the act of warming and cooling will degrade THC into CBN.

I would suggest that the two strains you grew were sativa-leaning which is why you get the anxiety. Girl Scout Cookies and Green Crack do that for me.


How many cycles do think it will take? Is this something that I can use my microscope to keep track of, i:e will trics change color indicating I’m getting close?

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No idea but the process is well understood and there may be data to help you. Testing it by smoking is probably the only way.

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Runts and cookies are sativa?

And you can just leave them in a windowed Grove bag under a light to slowly covert them

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