My warrior to ffof ph question

How would i ph the water I give a plant that was a seedling in light warrior and got transplanted to ffof?

PH all soil plants at 6.5


So a sprout growing in fox farm light warrior (soilless) can grow into a organic fox farm soil?

(Checking their site now)

You start seeds in a seed starter mix. You did this.

You transplant seedlings after 2-3 weeks into an organic soil. You did that. Simpatico

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In regard to PH in soil less starter mix. A slightly acidic PH will always be safe when starting seeds and growing seedlings. Some people get to caught up in PH during propagation. 12 years has taught me that 6.5- Neutral PH will promote successful propagation.


I’m with @latewood there… PH 6.5 for all babies even in my coco til i start nutes then drop back to 5.6-5.8

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Yes, for Coco. Letr us not confuse this member. He will not be using 5.6-5.8 PH