My veteran brothers and sisters

Hello all! I know that we have friends from countries other than the USA that read this thread, but I would like to thank all of the United States Veterans for their service and am especially grateful for those who have given their lives for this great country.
As we eat, drink and be merry tomorrow, let us not forget those who have given the extreme sacrifice for freedom, democracy and the pursuit of happiness. We are indeed a prosperous nation along with our allies. Thank you for serving and everyone who supports our troops. Our country is so great that even the enemies thereof refuse to leave it. God Bless America! Thank you all. @Countryboyjvd1971. I praise you for your service. Please tag a military veteran if one comes to mind. We have them in our midst.
Happy Pappy 1st Battalion 10th Field Artillery 3rd Infantry Division. Rock of the Marne!
Schweinfurt Germany. 1985-1987
Commander in Chief: Ronald Reagan


Oorah! USMC 6th EsB 4th MLG :muscle:



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Thanks brothers!

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Love the muscle might. Rock on!

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Camp Pendleton Ca. First Mar Div, First FSSG, 4th MAWMED, 2nd MAW HQ for Desert Storm.



Corporal,US Army,JTF6, USAADA, 106th battalion,Operation Desert Storm, (Liberation of Kuwait) thank you all. I live for my country.One day I hope this country will live for me.


How did I end up bunking with a bunch of marines??
You all are still my brothers. I have been in many fist fights in Mexico in Juarez &@(NTC) with plenty of upstanding marines and I don’t doubt you guys are no less honorable. I applaud you all.


FNG. I just saw that. Nice! Makes me think of Lt. Dan. "We have two rules here, don’t get yourself killed and take care of your feet. Lol

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Thank you all for your service and continued sacrifices with all the aches, pains and issues that still follow you. Special prayers today for those of your brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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@Happy_Pappy have you been over to the Veteran’s Corner?


Thank you @AnneBonny. Still fighting the good fight. :sunglasses:


No, I haven’t. Where is it?

I found it. Thanks for that @AnneBonny.