My very first Seedling

How is it looking so far?
This is my first and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing but I am using a 4’Wx8’lx8’t closet with a CFL, and fluorescent light also will that be enough for now?


Looks pretty good but don’t let it stay too wet I don’t know much about CFLs but I know they’re fine for seedlings
-good luck

There is, presumably, a formula for a minimum amount of light required for a decent density of buds, but seemingly less light has made it a little easier for me ,in the past, to keep up on what the plant needs.

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I’ve been trying to do everything the way it says in the grow guide. Which has been a great tool. After germination (the paper towel method) it came up at 5 days idk what kind it is. But I keep them on a 18/6 light regimen. And the temperature stays between 75-80. With humidity around 50/55% I have been watering them once every other day with a few squirts from a squirt bottle but I believe I got a carried away last night.

Probably need to bring humidity up some.

Somebody mentioned putting a clear plastic dome ( mine r powerade bottles) over the seedlings. Keeps humidity up without spraying. Mine are working great. I have six little bundles of joy myself.

Dude more humidity is the last thing you need. No covers, nothing!

That’s why the tips are white, you said you overwatered, you did.

Let it dry out some, maybe punch some holes in the bottom of the red cup.

Humidity between 40-60 is perfect.


Thanks for the help guy’s I really appreciate the input. I’m going to order some seeds from IlGM this weekend and start over. I’m going to upgrade everything in my grow room this weekend have everything exactly as it should be by the time I receive the new seeds.

I ordered an inexpensive lamp from Walmart that mimics daylight. It is a fluorescent light which doesn’t get too hot that I use for seedlings. I use grow cups that are biodegradable and only water them when they seem dry. Once they are big enough to transplant into 1/2 to 1 gallon pot I use a mixture of kind soil (bought from Amazon and fox farm potting soil also bought from Amazon. At that point I move them to my grow tent with CFL lights (2 per plant 1 daylight CFL and one soft white CFL) with at least 18 hours of light until plant is right size to induce flowering and budding by changing lights to 12/13 and I start feeding schedule.

As a new one myself I have learned alot in last 80 days. I can say this I made the mistake of over watering myself right off. Water good to start first day then make sure it is almost all dry before watering again. It is absolutely correct less is more when comes to watering. I started my first ladys with paper towel method an in 2 days was ready for red solos with holes an ff light warrior as I was scared to death of burn an killing them right off. ( now know that’s just paranoid ) I started with 2 florescent 6500k daylight bulbs 4’ long 12" wide hood an 43 watt from home depot. Set them about 6" above cups humidity was between 35-60 % always but varied depending on temp in tent. i kept temp with light on at 75-80 with small heater an light off tried keeping at above 65. Was on 18/6 schedule. At about 2 weeks they were in good shape. Roots coming out bottom so moved to a 3 gallon pot. Don’t know about CFL but would imagine they will be fine. Just don’t over water. You will know they will not grow an leaves will droop it looks sad an pathetic. I now have 600 watters with air cooled hoods fans air conditioning an my first 13 plants in 3rd week flower with about 17 clones behind that. An if I can do it anyone can good luck.


Mazel tov on a great start. But here are some tips.
First, buy real pots. 3" and 4" pots cost less than a quarter and are engineered to drain properly and allow air to be pulled back up into the mix as the water evaporates. Red beer cups are cheaper still but don’t have those qualities. Plastic garden pots can be saved from your flower garden even. Just sterilize them in soapy water with 10% bleach added by volume. Do that always between uses regardless.
Second, this may be heresy but domes, lids, covers etc are all death for your seedlings since they promote damping off disease. Better to have air movement and supplement the humidity with a water spritz a couple of times a day.
When I plant pre germinated seeds, I poke my hole into the mix, carefully drop in the seed with the taproot hopefully pointing down and then cover it with finely sifted spaghnum moss. Spaghnum is naturally sterile and will almost guarantee that you won’t see any damping off where a healthy sprout drops over dead suddenly.
Finally, I may have missed it, but you didn’t mention how high your lights are above the seedlings. Using relatively weak lighting like you are, it’s important to keep the bulbs as close to the leaves as possible without heating them up or burning them. Light intensity drops rapidly with even minor distances so for strong seedlings, keep it bright.
Good luck with the grow!


I haven’t watered since the last time we talked about the overwatering problem and I now have three up with 4 more on the way and I got all new lights 6500k fluorescent. My ph is around 6.5 is that to high?humidity is at 45%. My temp with the new lights has went up to 83 though.

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Looking good! A small fan gently moving the air will help the temp and strengthen the stems

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I was just telling my gf the same thing thank you for the help. I’m going out first thing in the morning and grabbing one.
Can I use fluorescent bulbs all the way through as long as I switch to the (2700k) red spectrum bulbs when it’s time to flower?

I don’t know anything about fluorescent bulbs except that I prefer them on seedlings, aside from that I use HIDs

Remember to keep that fan far away & very gentle, you can increase as they get bigger and stronger

Greatly improved conditions except for the heat. Get a small fan to blow over the grow space to keep leaf temps down. 83 is the upper range right now. Plus, having the seedlings sway in the breeze actually strengthens their stems.

When it’s time to repot, which is more challenging if you haven’t used peat or regular garden pots, try placing the root ball low in the pot so the first leaves are just 1/2" above the soil level. This will encourage roots to develop on the buried stem plus reduce the risk that the plant will need to be staked later.


Hi, I have grown my last 15 plants with cfl only. As long as you get them in the correct spectrum. Omega make horticultural cfl for growing take a look at their web site. If you have a problem with too much heat you can get the cfl in cool. You will find you can put the light very close to the plants but check by using the back of your hand if its too hot for your hand its too hot for the plant.

Take care


The seed hull has came off of this one but the leaves are held together by the inner membrane still. My question is should I help it out and remove the membrane or just let it run it’s course? I also have two others that are the same way.

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When that happens to me I try to at least give it a day …but watch for any signs of yellowing!

If it starts to yellow, I mean we each do things our own way, but I would get involved at that point
-good luck with it man

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Try spritzing with a fine mist of water every few hours. I’ve found that this problem happens more when humidity is low.

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