My very first grow

This is my first grow 3 weeks today in flowering does the bud look right for age any help appreciated


@Born1977 welcome to ilgm forum, i’m not seeing any pictures…

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You were born the year I graduated high school! @Born1977

Do you need help posting the pics?


Jezzzzz your old @bob31 hahahahaha
I was 6 ahen he was born lol
Definitely need to see pictures @Born1977


More Experienced… lol


Yes I need help uploading my photos it tells me complete then the picture disappears

Yes I do thanks

Ok mobile hit reply
Bottom right there is an “upload”, click it.
Browse and select.

What device are you using? @Born1977

I don’t know what that email address is but please delete it. @Born1977

I’m so sorry using a iPhone 6 not sure why it’s acting this way can’t upload pics and not sure what I’m doing haha

Ok, explain what you are steps you are taking?

I’m hitting upload going to my pics selected my pic it uploads to 90% kicks off says nothing

It could be that the pics are too big. Open the pic on your phone and crop it down slightly and try again. @Born1977

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Amnesia haze is strain


hahaha They look great. How many plants is that?

What strain?


AH Fems or Autos?

Amnesia haze 16 fem

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Thank you I have the first time worries I think

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