My Very First Grow. WW, Fem, Indoor, Soil

Hi folks,
I am a total noob but decided to give this a shot after seeing all of the success stories here on ILGM.
I started with 4 feminised White Widow seeds that I purchased from ILGM.
I am currently growing indoors, These girls are on their 37th day of flowering under (3)400w HPS lights spreading their beauty into my converted attic grow room and are doing seemingly well. First day of veg(actual veg) was 6/22/2016 and they were under MH bulbs.

I am using fox farms soil as my medium for growth along with the standard fox farms “trio” of nutrients per the advertised schedule but at half strength.
We started in some jiffy pots from germination and transplanted into their final home of 2.5 gallon “smart pots” or root control bags if you please.
My grow room is exhausted by an 8" inline booster fan with no carbon scrubber as of yet(but definitley in the works for the near future), an oscillating tower fan, and a 6" inline booster fan tapped into my central a/c opposite the exhaust side.
Unfortunately this was started on a whim and with a small budget with privacy being a major concern(I have 2 sons, 9 and 2 years old) so some of my known issues are currently inadequate insulation, underpowerd cooling for my lights, and an easier access to the room.
My temps started out high, like scary high at 89-92°F during the 18 hour light period and cooling down to about 76° for the remaining 6 hours of darkness. I am running my lights at night to help with the temps and my dark period happens during the day(no light intrusion whatsoever in my grow room)
Currently my temps have been much better at 74-79°F during light time and appx. 71°F steady when its dark.

We have no pests thus far that I know of, I have been watering as needed which at this point has been 1 gallon between the 4 ladies every other day.

Because I am such a noob I am unable to give an intelligible health estimate but my inexperienced estimate would be that we are about 85% on a scale of 100.

I will post pics of the progress starting from the inception of the room to the first seedling that sprouted leading up this very minute. I hope that some of the generous folks I have been lurking around and studying will chime in and offer advice and/or suggestions for some future development.
I know I am forgetting so many details between birth and now but I am happy to answer any questions in order to benefit from the wealth of knowledge here on this great site.

Thanks Folks.

Please bear with me as I have a lot of photos so I will add the newest pics at the current stage and older ones if anyone wants to see the stages.

Thanks guys.


Welcome, and happy growing!

Hope to see those picture soon :slight_smile:

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@Aquaponic_Dumme, thank you.

These are a few that I just climbed up and took, lots more to come, i just need to get them organized


You better explain to your kids what you’re growing. They will tell these things at school. The schools commonly quiz children as to what their parents do at home.

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@Blountville , agreed but Im gonna wait a few more years. For now what ive done with my grow room is set it up in the attic above my bedroom and made a separate attic access that goes straight into my grow. The access door is hidden well and latched with a magnalock for which I have an RFID fob to open it(I am in the hollow metal door and frame industry). I only tend to my girls when the kiddies have gone to sleep.


Just be careful, when I was 12 I went snooping and learned about my Dads stash, and even my brothers lol. I kept it to myself for 2 years, but at 14 I decided to tell my dad I knew he smoked, and he decided it was time to tell me, of course haha. That night, my brother, my dad and I all smoked a fat bowl together. I’ll always cherish that memory. :v:


I say I’m growing basil and tomatoes and their eyes glaze over cause the old man is talking lol. Then I say just don’t mention it at all they’ll probably think I’m growing something illegal. Well better run the police are at my door, wonder what they want. :joy::joy:


Lol, well my contingency plan is to tell him those are “daddy’s prized heirloom tomatoes”.
Hopefully by the time he figures it out he will be old enough for me to explain to him that cannabis should not be viewed or thought of with a negative perspective like it has been for so long. Hell, maybe things will have changed for the good here where I live and I will own a dispensary by that time. Lol

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Great pics. Good to see your doing well and the ladies look nice. I was drawn to this post because I will be growing the exact same things as far as WW, indoor, soil next. I’m in my basement so my temps are fairly consistent, luckily. I started too on a budget so ventilation has not yet been in the cards for this startup. I’m more concerned with the looming winter temps. Luckily up is easier then down.

How many are you growing? Looks like a nice setup for sure with 3(400’s). May want to step up to 600 if at all possible. It will help with bud size and density as well as potency. As you upgrade your ventilation, you will be able to deal with the high temps. Definitely looking good.

Gratz brother! Happy Growing

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Thank you for stopping by. My ultimate goal is to step up my “light game” 600’s would be ideal as you said, possibly a 1000 and 2 600’s because I currently have 15 seeds germinating, lol. Lots of money spent here at ILGM.
Im planning on building another room and keeping the current room(with the 400’s) for either soley flowering or veg, havent decided yet. Of course with the large investment I currently have germinating keeping some mothers around is also in the plans but of course this IS my very first attempt at growing and even though ive been patiently researching for years, im still not confident in my abilities to clone succesfully.
Here are some pics from tonight, pulled them down to get them out of that HPS light for some real photos.


@SativaStone I forgot that you asked me how many I am growing, there are currently (4), the fourth pictured here:

Has been sick since the 2nd week of flower, ive nursed her back from the edge of death but shes not pretty so I have o ly been sharing photos of the 3 healthy girls

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I’m not actually growing per se, I’m writing an article for the New Yorker. Those plants are for field knowledge. :joy:

@Jheezy of course, of course. What a small world…me too, lol

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Beautiful! Very nice plants there dude! :v:

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Thank you, I just hope I can see them through this last 2.5-3 weeks

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I reckon ive got about 2

weeks left(60/40 indica dominant, dont want to be too lazy :laughing: )


:thumbsup:well only 1 of my 3 ladies had that ideal milky to amber trichome ratio and were ready to chop down and begin drying tonight, here are some defining moments,

Doesnt look like alot but keep in mind that I threw every single “airy popcorn” bud in the trimmings pile for butter/oil later.


I will post some pics when I harvest the other 2 ladies and then link up to an upcoming blue dream/bubblegum/ white widow Fem grow where Im going to try my hand at some cloning. May need some pointers from the pros

Last 2 done.