My very first grow ever!


I’m going to check on her tomorrow and if I can I’m going to bend her over more. As long as I don’t break her :wink:


Mine is more smashing the stem so it plops over. I try not to crack the stem but it happens


Yes it does happen. Yours is not the first I’ve seen put back together with tape or honey or sticks something


I did use some raw honey. Last time I didnt do anything and she is great. Will be harvesting in 2 weeks


I remember when you posted a picture when it happened. It healed up pretty nicely around the area. That’s awesome


Oh ya bend her over. Ya …


Man I have to quit taking these damn muscle relaxers. Falling alseep and missing everything. Boy Inga is packing it on every day I see here. She is lookin’ so nice. Mmmmmmm…


Well after your midnight rendezvous with the dogs last night you probably needed it. Yes she is really surprising me lately. She looked a lot better today and she did the other day with her burnt tips. I checked on her and what I tied down is already reaching back up for the light.


Yeah, never takes em’ long to turn back up again.


That’s for sure!


Was told shipping would be 7-10 days for that. excited to get it and check it out.


That’s awesome. You’ll have time to play with it before the thing in January :wink:


Yeah clones should be rooted by then and I can get the height dialed in on it.


This is going to be exciting!


Probably gonna feel like a virgin getting my cherry popped. Lol. These other lights I have dialed in already.


LOL there’s nothing like the first time right! You’ll Master it in no time :wink:


Feels like the first time, Feels like the very first time. Some old Foreigner…


Hahaha oh Lord now I have that song playing in my head and I have to listen to something else to get it out of my head


Lol… Oops…


No that’s fine I actually don’t mind the song