My very first grow ever!


Thank you I’m gonna try. I will definitely hit you up when I get home. I have to go pick up some weed after work because I’m almost out. Then I’ll be home to smoke, check on Inga and see what your up to😉


Congrats! Tell us how it goes/grows


Yes, they came out of the darkness and I went into the darkness. My 2 Pit/Lab mixes both broke their welded chain link chains after coyotes. Fell twice on the hillside. Been a thrilling last couple hours. Need to take a trip to the hardware store tomorrow for more chains and D-Links. Oh happy joy joy.


Oh shit that’s happening right now?


What a night, what a night. Least Lucky my 2nd oldest of the 4 Dozer’s son got a good piece of one. Don’t think they’ll be back for awhile.


Boy it does sound like you had one heck of a night. Them damn coyotes! sure hope you’re not hurting too bad from falling. I know how that is it’s not fun!


It was absolutely crazy. Luckily got a hold of one good. My biggest fear was him getting the chain dragging behind him wrapped around any trees or brush. Dozer did that one year and had to go down in the hollow to find him and untangle him. Watered the girls and put them back to sleep til tonight. Clones are doing well.


yeah one year our dog broke his chain and ran off that was one of my biggest fears that he got it wrapped around somewhere and was either choking himself or stuck. That’s a scary thought. So do you have the girls on a 12/12 schedule now? Your pictures this morning looked really good of them. They’re showing some growth. Are the clone still in that water bucket?


Yes girls are officially on 12/12 now. Clones are still in cups in aerated water. Spraying them several times a day. On the hush note. Got another email yesterday, so hopefully soon on that. .


Oh exciting. Pretty soon your grow could take a whole new leap of growth :wink:. Glad you finally heard back from them.


So how was your night. Good I hope. Need to go to the hardware store sometime today. New chains and links to secure them. Also need a couple PVC unions to repurpose my old scrog net from 5’x6’ to 3 1/2’x7’. Things are runnin’ on the downside now the waiting begins.


My night was okay. Had a company Christmas party right after work I went and showed up for a little bit. Then went and picked up some weed. I hate paying for weed I hate it! Hopefully soon I won’t have to do that no more. after I get some coffee in me here this morning I’m going to play with Inga for a little bit. I was going to water her last night but had a couple drinks at the party and was a little tipsy and didn’t want to mess with her. Figured I would have hurt her somehow LOL


I need a few drinks in me right about now. But smokin’ right now and it’s relieving some of the pain and acting as a distraction for the rest. Probably rebuild my net tomorrow. Not doing anything but securing dogs today. It’s already killin’ me with the girls in their night cycle. Miss seeing them during the day. Hopefully the clones will get roots next week, get them in some soil so I can start fooling with them.


Yep I’m smoking right now too. Trying to get my bearings about me. Other than messing with Inga that’s about all I have planned for today except for the normal housework blah blah blah. I know what you mean cuz I was going to have inga’s light schedule to where she sleeps during the day but I wanted to be able to go in their mess with her so I have her sleep in at night. How long will it be before the clones can go into soil?


Probably 7-10 days. I have had them root in 5 before with optimal conditions. But with cooler temps more than likely the 7-10 days. But we’ll see. Heating mat is working great. No wilting. Still wanting their daddy. Lol…


LoL that’s a good sign their still wanting their daddy


I’ll probably change the water on them tomorrow and mix a lil’ rooting hormone to the water to help encourage them. Have to pick up a bag of soil and more solocups.


Yeah they really look nice and healthy there so green and everything. I’ve seen where other people have used like powders or gel I think for the rooting agent.


A lot people have put them in domes or plastic bags over the cups. To much messing around making sure soil is moist taking the bag off spraying them putting the bag back on . Screw all that extra work. I’ve seen so many people kill clones inside and out of the forums. I like my old school method, less work and it works. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


I totally agree with that. If it’s not broke don’t change it. why mess with a good system if its tried-and-true I’d stick with it