My very first grow ever!


Well I think you should do it just once :wink:


I’d be lost without being hands on and manipulating them with LST/hst. This grow is killing me not to.


I actually can’t wait to start doing it. I don’t know how much I’ll do with this grow but the next one I’ll be more aggressive with it. Right now I’m just testing the waters LOL


The first I ever helped grow was blueberry photos. We cloned too. That was yummy and why I chose blueberry autoflower. I have to grow autoflower because my tent is like 53" I think. I have duct work above it so I have to build a wall to go elsewhere in my basement and higher. At least as long as it’s not legal. If it’s legal, I’m moving into the laundry room :joy: right next to the sink and my potting bench


Well let’s hope it goes legal woohoo


I need the open space and ceiling height.


I did manipulate that northern lights auto quite a bit. Looked like I scrogged her :rofl:


Okay guys I’m going to go check on Inga before I get ready to go to bed here. Jewels it was great talking to you tonight! And Bobby Lee I’ll talk to you soon :wink:. Party on guys​:dash::dash:


Night and take care…


Goodnight, I should head off too. Gotta get up early :v:


Later Jewels.


Later, nice chatting. :v: Get some more rest.


Good morning :v: good news this morning, that’s the way to start a day. Glad you get to that out the light. Happy growing


@GreenJewels Good Mornin’ Jewels. Yeah it was a pleasant eye opener. Hopefully I can get it before the grow off. Told them in reply that I would fully document it there as well as a separate journal so it gets full attention.


Oh wow Bobby Lee that is awesome! I’m excited for you. They couldn’t have picked a better grow to test it on😉. I bet your excited about it. The girls will be in heaven🤗


Thanks doll. Yeah I can’t wait to try it out even though it’s not as strong as my current setups, but it’ll probably do one or two plants.


Yeah even if it is a plant or two you can at least see how they work.


Told them in reply that I would test it for the one plant community grow off starting January and also document it in a separate journal as well so it got full attention.


That was a good idea. They could make lots of sales off that


Well enjoy your lunch. Hollar’ at me this evening when you have time.