My very first grow ever!


You can always run an auto or two with em’.


I’m surprised at how fast I used my build up. But I love being able to smoke with friends who have always smoked with me. We can go through some serious joints when we get together for cards. :joy:


Yeah but the tent I have now I don’t have the room I only have a 2 x 2 x 4


That’s what I want to have a stash like that where I can share with others. I smoke a lot of weed so it’s going to take me a little bit of time to get a buildup


Your yields will get better with that new light jewels.


You want to build up. Couple autos couple photos will get ya’ there.


I hope so. my Amnesia Haze was my biggest producer. I harvested all the done tops and let the popcorn buds go and they gave me an additional 2 oz on top of the 2.5 . I’ll do that again for sure if I don’t LST. The rest were closer to 2-3 oz each


Wow that’s great for a harvest. Good job


That’s what I’m going to plan to do. Just got to get through this first one first seems like it takes forever at times


Not to bad.


My outdoor blueberry autoflower would have been my biggest if bud rot wouldn’t have taken all her big buds. I just got pop corns off her


Like watching paint dry or water boil. Sitting there wondering when will this be done?


Wow was that all one big cola?


LOL exactly and hoping that you don’t screw up in the meantime


H that is nice…


Yes it was and nice and dense, I almost cried. It rained and was humid. When you looked in it. There was bud rot and nothing I could do but wash her and early harvest. She still had a good 2-3 weeks to go


Oh man that would be disheartening after all that hard work at least you could salvage some of it


I might try to start an outdoor one early in the green house with my flowers and put her in the garden. Maybe June will be better humidity for late flower I do like the autoflowers.


I made budder with what I got off her. Smoked some


I want to grow an auto once just because. But prefer m photos.