My very first grow ever!


You just got my last for 49 minutes


LoL why do they limit us


Idk, seems silly


Prob for participation purposes and bump you up when you level up.


Let’s smoke I rolled a joint


Sparking up.


Yes that’s true probably I know when I first started I ran out a lot sooner… light it up @basementstealth😁


What everyone got.n Hitting gorilla glue here.


I’m out of likes so


I have a little bit of Street weed and then I have some White Widow and green crack my brother grew


Smoked and made budder out of my blueberry. Now I’m smoking northern lights


Sounds good…


Oh I want to try Northern Lights one day


('em doing NL next time I buy seeds. That and cronic widow to run together.


I really like it it’s a little earthy citrus like tasting. When it was growing it smelled almost like pine just a tad .


That sounds like a good grow there I’ll bet I’ll be mighty tasty


Hopefully I’ll be up there again. I’ll share…


Now that sounds like a deal there :wink:. Hopefully I’ll have some build up by that point to


Start runnin’ photos.


After this Harvest if I get the bigger tent I’m going to