My very first grow ever!


Ok, can’t wait to see the results. So do they give you enough for a full grow or do you need to buy more?


300mg You can do a small grow start to finish.


Wow that don’t seem like a lot to have to use


Powdered granulated. Just like miracle grow and about half the size of a box of miracle grow. So plenty.


Is it expensive?


$10 something. But you can get the free $10 package. For $3 shipping.


$10 isn’t bad at all wow . is it for any soil Growers


Sup potheads


Can get used in all mediums.


Sup! :grin::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash:


I’ll have to check that out


I’ll have to see how yours goes and see how what does maybe it’s something I’ll try


Must be time for another toke pot heads :v::smiley:


W’sup? Just smokin’ n jokin’.


I agree. Toke it up


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Lol. Just loaded again. N grabbed my lighter.


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Yes it was either her or you that got my last one here but that’s okay well spent


I’ll be out soon enough again.