My very first grow ever!


Yeah I seen it was on.


Have you ever noticed that watching cartoons stoned is hilarious though they makes so much more sense


Lol. Days of our youth.


LoL that’s the truth


But still young at heart. Never gonna grow up. Toys r us kid forever. Just get bigger and cooler toys now.


The toys they have now, wow. And I was happy with jacks


Lol. I can remember 1st video game pong. Blip, blip, blip.


The bigger the toys the more expensive they are :wink:


I love watching bugs Bunny stoned…lots of cartoons actually :joy:


Was tripping one time To and Jerry came on. Jerry hit Tom in the face with a pie. Could not stop laughing had to go outside.


The one I love watching high is SpongeBob. Do you ever realize all the rude things they say. Lol


Ya cartoons tripping. Been a while but that will make your sides hurt from laughing so hard


Did either of you ladies order the free sample of MegaCrop? Mine arrived today.


No I was going to ask you what is that for?


No I haven’t. I’m not very familiar with all the different nutes and haven’t checked anything else out yet


Nutes you can run from start to finish. I’m gonna run side by side comparison! With 3 clones.


That will be fun to watch. All 3 same strain I assume


Nevermind…stoned. of course your taking clones from same mom


That’ll be interesting to see. I do remember you saying that now that you were going to do a side by side


Yes 3 of the Skunk clones hcut 26 of them when I did my clean up. Could have had more but only kept the best ones.vrest ent into the pile of leaves.