My very first grow ever!


So what’s the difference between hydro and rdwc? Or is it the same?


Oh that’s nice


That is sweet!!


I may have to get one for my dad. He’s always been a pipe smoker he tries to vape instead but loves his pipe


That looks like that did good gift for him then he’d have the best of both worlds :wink:


Pretty much the same just run differently. DWC is stand alone RDWC is always circulating. Eb and flow. Water and nutes circulate at time intervals.


It’s a must to have an extra water and air pump.


I wouldn’t be able to in time for these two I just dropped but I may look into that. I’m a gardener and a flea market garage saleing fool. I have some stuff I could use. Hmmm I’m going to look into it


O have fish tank air pumps lots of that stuff. Used to have 3 fish tanks


Have a submersible pump I use to suck the water out of my little boat. That could come in handy for filling


Sounds like you got the beginingss of a small setup.


Think missiles coughed and fell out of her chair again. Lol…


You’d probably like the homeade compost tumbler from stuff laying around. I’d take a pic but it’s cold out.
Is it time for more tokes @Missiles @OldSchoolGrower


LOL actually I was sitting here zoned out in front of the TV for a minute


That TV will do that to ya :joy:


I know and it’s usually the dumbest s*** on the catches your attention


Your right, it is


She’s probablywatching Charlie Brown Christmas. Lol


I like Charlie Brown. And pig pen of course :joy:


LOL I am a big Snoopy fan but no I wasn’t actually watching that. I think it was some dumbass reality thing