My very first grow ever!


Much needed toke :smiley:


Hey Jewels. How’s things. Get your dimmer figured out with the wall voltage and watts?


How are you guys and gals tonight? Sounds like ya got some much needed rest


Yay the more the merrier. Party here


I did, my body needed it.


Doing great jewels how are you


A little. I used a phone app I downloaded to check my other lights so I had a good comparison. I’ll get her dialed in slow. Don’t want to fry her


@Missiles you were talking about switching soil. I’ve been using FF happy frog and thinking of switching for these two seeds I just dropped. Always seems to drop in pH and it’s a little hot.


Exactly mine’s running hot now and I’m getting a little nute burn on my tips so I’m not sure if I’ll do another grow with it or not


Your using Happy frog also?


No I have ocean Forest but from what I understand they’re not too much far off in difference but not positive


Brb grabbing cigarettes.


Ya, they’re both hot. My first grow I mixed the 2. Second just happy frog. This time I’m still with happy frog but lots of pro mix seed start in the middle of the pot so they had to grow to get to it. So far so good but I’m waiting on the turn bad. It always seems to happen.


Yes my brother uses Pro mix mixed with perlite and doesn’t seem to have a problem. Hopefully yours won’t get nute burn maybe you won’t if you’re not feeding nutes too


Ok back…


Welcome back Bobby Lee :wink:


I’ve heard good things about pro mix. I’ll have to check it out. Oh, nice meeting you too :v:. @OldSchoolGrower, I have that nicotine habit myself.


I’ve grown a lot of smoke in cheap soil. Just aerated well and adjusted for my nutes and different watering regimens.


I do too … I switched to vaping


Check this out buying one next month.