My very first grow ever!


Hydro works on the same principle setup.


Dang that’s a nice size bait tank. having skills like that is always handy. I wish I would be more crafty but I’m not I can do basic maintenance so that’s about it. You did that well with the bait tank then doing the hydro should come naturally


Yeah, like I said same principle setup. I also had Y garden hose valves to open and close to fill, drain, and then turn them so everything circulated.


Do you plan on switching over after you get this grow done


Not this run, after I run and finish up the clones. After clones are done, gonna move back up to Ohio. So through with these worthless Drs. In this state and the even more worthless medical coverage.


That would be something that would be better to set up after you would move. I’d hate to move all that equipment. I’m not sure what state really has good health coverage anymore. Doctors are worthless.


Yeah Drs. Pretty much are unless you got real good expensive insurance. Plus Ohio will more than likely go full recreational when voters vote on the new ballot iniative Nov. 2019. Boy I will go full bore then with no heat to worry about.


That is so true I forgot about that they are very close to making it legal. hell if that happens I’ll have to move to Orangeville or somewhere. Lol


That’s where I was coming to. Lol. Find an old house or trailer up in that area.


In town to get things I need then get back out as fast as I got there. Can’t relax in town with all the drama and noise.


Exactly! That’s how I like it. I don’t like to be in town or in a city anymore.


Last time I lived in town was after finding my biological family after years of searching. Found them in Zanesville Ohio after I came back from Washington State back in 2005. Lived in town near everyone for a few years getting to know everyone.


Bowl is locked and loaded. Care to join me



That’s awesome that you found your biological family and spent time near them getting to know them.


I’m filling it up as we speak :grin:


Cool. You now also have a name to go with the OSG…


Yes I do :wink:. It’s nice to meet you!


And you as well. Spark up…


Looks like I’m just in time to spark up with y’all


Jewels is coming.