My very first grow ever!


Hahaha muscle relaxers used to do that same thing to me. I would fall asleep in my recliner all the time. Hopefully they gave you some relief though. after 24 hours do u turn the lights back on the girls? What does that do to them? oh and by the way how are you doing LOL as you can tell I’ve already smoked some


See smokin’ without me lol… The 24 hrs of darkness helps induce the flowering process. The plant thinks fall is upon it and tells it hey I better think about reproducing.


I’m not doing to bad. Still recovering somewhat.


Okay that’s what I thought the darkness did to them. No I wasn’t smoking without you I just got a head start on you😉 I had to calm my nerves I went in to check on Inga my plant after work and seen that she had yellowing tips I was freaking out for a minute. That’s what that hot soil does I don’t know if I’ll use foxfarm again after this I might switch to Pro mix and perlite that’s when my brother uses


Dude @OldSchoolGrower , I thought youd be feeling a lot better today, what up?
Those muscle relaxers are sure nifty, gotta be careful with them though. You should be feeling better.
Maybe just tired coming off of them. I have a script for them but use them like, very sparingly, but they work.


Yeah I don’t use real hot soils. Last few grows I just used Scotts Hyponex the last few grows.Add a few things for better drainage and aeration. I guess I can accept the head start. Lol. I had a lil’ light nute burn last week on a few tips as well. Nothing really serious. New growth is fine. Happens to all of us from I’m to time.


That’s so true and I know this won’t be the last issue she’ll give me either


That’s why they kicked my ass Bro. Don’t take them that often. But I was flaring up real bad after the other day sitting in that chair bent over ripping their skirts off.


By not using a real hot soil I can make adjustments quicker.


Exactly. It seems like you have more control over her environment. if I get through this grow without too many problems with it I have enough soil for one more grow I may use it again but if I end up having more problems from it I’ll just start over next time.


I’ll probably have to do one more grow in soil the clones. But after that I’m phasing it out for RDWC (Recirculating Deep Water Culture) No more lugging tons of bags of soil.Least I only had to lug them once since FedEx delivered them to my porch. Got tired of putting them in vehicle bring em’ home drag them back out of the vehicle.


I can understand that especially for how many plants you do have. That rdwc sounds like it may be easier to grow them. And from what I hear you can grow them quicker I believe. Isn’t that what do Doobie uses?


Yeah Doobie uses a RDWC System. His setup is something similar to what HydroHybrid runs. I’m either going to run a 4-6 tote system like that or this table system liquid Jade put together. Here’s a pic: I’ll in the video link for you to check out.


Would you still be able to do your perpetual grow in one of those?



Yes I could, by simply filling rows at different time intervals.


That’s definitely true if you’re going to go with it table that size or something.


I’d most likely make some modifications to suite my needs. Even in a setup like Doobie-s if I’m running 6 totes I can do the same thing.


oh hell yeah especially with the kind of things that you make up now by yourself you would definitely be able to do that


Always been a fabricator. Should see the bait tank I made for my boat and truck. 55 gallon plastic drum cut down to 43 gallon. Complete with a recirculating bilge pump.