My very first grow ever!


There you go that’s what we’ll do. So how long have you been doing the perpetual grow?


This is the 1st one since years ago. It’ll be alot better after I get some more strains with smiliar groth characteristics… But I can work with these skunks for a few grows.


I would love to get something like that going one day on a little bit of a smaller scale. But I’d like to harvest like every other month if I could that be nice. Do you smoke all that or do you give some away haha it’s going to take me a couple plants to get a good stash going I’m hoping I can make it from one Harvest to the next without running out. I smoke a lot of weed.:dash::dash:


I puff for medicinal and recreation from the time I wake til the time my body will let me sleep. I keep enough for myself and got a friend of mine that comes down from Ohio and takes the rest off my hands? Disability just barely pays the bills. Need to supplement it.


I totally understand that. Anxiety and insomnia are the two main reasons I started smoking again after years of not. And I don’t want to be on prescription medicine so I rather smoke pot. And I do smoke quite a bit a day :wink:


Yeah I go through anxiety and panic attacks as well. Had a bad bout with one last week that lasted a whole day and night. Felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. And use it for my pain in my back since they kept lowering my pain medication to the point I fired my dick Dr. A few months back and haven’t had any opioids. Made it my decision in the end not his before he cut me off.


Yes I got cut off my opioids because they did a random piss test and I was taking CBD oil at the time and it showed up positive for cannabis. So I said screw it I’ll just start smoking pot again and that’s what I did


It doesn’t take my pain away my pain completely, but does take the edge off enough and also works as a distraction from the pain.


Exactly! It helps.


Well gonna go grab those clones and get my cups rigged up for them. I’ll hollar’ at ya’ later. I enjoy our conversations. TTYL…


Sounds good have fun playing with the girls :wink:. Talk to you soon my friend :wink:


Day 33 above soil Inga is looking great tonight. I think she took her feeding well the other day. Look at her just reaching up to that light :sunglasses:. She has quite a few flower spots on her.


She is definitely putting on the growing pains. Lookin’ great…


Thanks OSG! I checked her this morning and she is still stacking it on​:wink:. Pretty soon I’m going to call her my phat stinking girl. Hope your having a good morning so far. I had to come into work a little early today :unamused:. Are you hurting from playing with your girls yesterday?


This comment almost made me spit out my coffee lol :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Mornin’ Doll. Oh man am I hurtin’. Did get some sleep last night though. Doobie probably thought I died and went to weed heaven since I wasn’t up last night for our all night talks we have bouncing emails back and forth. You may have to put a corset on her in 2 weeks to contain her when she explodes. Clones are doing well. No wilting. Checked water temp with my meter 73.9 good with these colder temps. My package of MegaCrop is arriving today. Pretty good for free 300gm sample just pay $3.00 shipping. Thanks for asking how I was doing. Gonna take it easy today and not do shit except water the girls pH water before 24 hour darkness starting at 6pm. Hope you have a good day at work…


At lunch for a sec. Glad you’re going to take it easy today :wink: you deserve it. Time is going soooo slow here today. Can’t wait to get home and get stoned!!!


I pulled a cola off my girl trimmed her, weighed her out and at 23 grams I hung her up to dry. Then I dried the trim and rolled it up. And I smoked her dry… And I’m blZed


That was a sweet cola you pulled off🤤


Just woke up. Muscle relaxer kicked my ass. Definitely catching up on sleep. Speaking of sleep. Shhhh, girls are sleeping. Put them n their 24 hours of darkness a little while ago. How was your work day? I know you said long. I’m ready to get baked. Care to join me?