My very first grow ever!


Yeah that’s all I’ve been able to do on these ( leaf tucking) Not being able to LST is killin’ me. Can’t wait for these clones to root and take off then I can molest the hell out of a couple of them… Plus the grow off is coming up. Gonna pull some rabbits out of my hat on that plant…


Are you going to use one of your clones for the grow off. Or no you have to use a seed don’t you? I can’t remember


Seed. Got some good size mystery seeds with some nice tiger stripping on them. Gonna be interesting that I don’t know the strain. But I’m confident everything will go alright.


I’m confident whichever one you do end up growing it’s going to turn out perfect. Is the tiger striping something you should look for in seeds? I have some bag seeds that actually the weed was pretty good and I kept a few of them and I wasn’t sure what to look for. Some are nice and plump some are small some have the tiger striping


Yeah the the tiger stripping is always a plus. You can also look at the hole on the end of the seeds to try and predict your female seeds. Helps so you germinate most of them elminating possible males.


yeah see that’s what I would want to try to avoid. I would hate to have a male grow on me and then have to throw it out and clean the whole tent down and start over. Maybe once I get a few grows down I’ll try some and see if it works



That’s cool. Thank you. that’ll help when I can sit down and go through them I can eliminate ones I don’t think our possibility.


There ya’ go…


Knew about the seed trick from my Ed Rosenthal grow guides. Back in the 90’s.


You know I actually wish I would have started growing before now. I don’t know why it took me this long to even try it


Important thing is you’re doing it now. You’ll always file knowledge away in your head from your grows for the next grow. I just started growing again a couple grows ago after not growing anything for about 24-25 years indoors. Have had outdoor grows. But not tracking through the woods doing gorilla grows anymore.


That’s true I have been journaling on my own also as far as temps pH PPM all that stuff. So when something does go wrong I can maybe look back and see what I did. I don’t blame you for not wanting to trek through the woods anymore. I wouldn’t want to do that either. And outside don’t you run a greater risk of animals and bugs getting to the plants?


Yes, you sure do. It’s a constant battle. One year I had a doe show up every day nibbling on them. Hell I could almost walk right up on her high ass. Lol…


LMAO that’s too funny. She loved you feed


I even put soap out, moth balls and urine. Didn’t stop her or the damn groundhog


Wow that must have been some really good weed. Nothing was going to stop her from getting it


What can I say; “2 green thumbs.”


:grin::+1::+1: I couldn’t find a green one LOL


Lol. Just give em’ some nitrogen…