My Very First Grow Ever! GDP planted 7/18

Is there a particular kind of aluminum? I have aluminum all over the place that I could potentially use. I also have one of those clamp lights with the aluminum bowl for the heatsink that I could use also.

Heatsink extrusion would be best. You need a flat mounting surface so i don’t think a bowl reflector would be very good. I have done them with plate, bar stock, angle, slatwall supports, and all kinds of random stuff. It’s been a while, but last time i looked bridgelux eb strips were pretty cheap. They are 1 inch wide and available in various lengths up to 44". If you had something nice and flat to mount strips like this to would be pretty easy build. I semi documented a small light with the 11" version.

Cool so I’m definitely gonna look into building one myself for sure. But if it turns out not to be a viable option, could this light work? It has no reviews so I understand the risk but could it pay off in the yields? I’m just curious to find something affordable being my first grow and it only being one plant for now. Also how many strips would be needed if I wanted to potentially get 3 to 5oz out of this plant.

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I wouldn’t buy it. Even more so than lack of history, if the timer relays fails light is basically useless.

I would just stop looking for something in that price range on Amazon. If you need to save up some to get a decent light will be cheaper to just get something decent one time. Otherwise you’ll end up spending $50 now and realizing what we’re telling you then probably a couple hundred to replace it.

I mean I completely understand the thought process behind the whole thing. It’s just that I only have this one plant right now and I don’t wanna sink 100 bucks or more into a light and my plant end up dying or turning hermie or something like that. It would probably be a while before I got more seeds to try again. That’s kinda why I’m wanting to go cheap but efficient enough for my one plant now and then if this turns out to be something I enjoy and can make something out of, then I’d focus on upgrading my equipment. If that makes sense. I know people don’t agree with doing it that way and think I should just not even try to start but this is just what I want to do at this point in my Growing Journey. I fully intend on getting good equipment down the road if it becomes an enjoyable hobby.

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I get it. There are no awards/rewards for spending the most amount of money un cannabis cultivation. What you should want to do is reach a specific amount of photosynthetic photon flux per your grow space. Im order to do this you need to know how large of space you’re covering and the total amount of radiometric light output of the fixture in use. To hit scientifically recommended ppf for an efficient grow you need a light with about 80 umols per second for every square foot of canopy you intend light to cover.

What most of us know is that 30 watt light won’t do this for size of typically grown indoor plant. Sometimes even a not so good 150-200 won’t quite do it. But a good light in the 150 watt range would be plenty. So just becomes wherever you want to use less power or more power to get there. More efficient lights will use less power but initial cost will be higher.

The problem with just grabbing any old light for $50 is that it won’t meet light density requirements and your results won’t be what they would otherwise. So you could easily feel it’s not worth the effort to continue, but would probably be different if attempted with right equipment. Imo you can buy whatever you want. But if you’re asking what is best course of action I feel obligated to advise the best I can.

Yeah that’s understandable. And in the ideal circumstances I’d be buying the best stuff but my situation isn’t the best right now so I gotta work with what I have. So I’m just gonna focus on this one plant in a 2x2 growing area. And hopefully it’ll get me some bud. If not I’ll have to get to a better place and try again. :person_shrugging:t2:

It’s just gonna be for personal use for now anyways.

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