My very first grow......all new to me

this is my first time growing…read and watched alot of videos before taking the plunge. Started germination Sunday……2 white widows 1 bubblegum and 1 ak47…so far ak47 sprouted just shy of day 4 and bubblegum made an appearance on say 5. still waiting on the white widows.
im using the basic rockwool.
is it typical to not have to water for 5 days because the rockwool holds alot of water and the humidity? i keep thinking i should water but as long as i can fill moisture in the rockwool im leaving it alone. any pointers are appreciated


Welcome to the forum.

I don’t use rockwool but it may be too wet so you are correct not to give them more water yet.

It was all new to me four years ago and I learned everything I needed to know right here on this forum.

Let me tag a few really great growers that may have words of wisdom for you.
@Covertgrower @AfgVet @Dman1969 @dbrn32 @kellydans
There are many more but this will give you a start.


Welcome to the community stick around we are glad to have you. I’m with @merlin44 I have not used rockwool. Growers with Rockwool experience will add advise. I keep it simple with a small bag of black gold seedling starter soil. Good luck with your new venture.

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i do not use rockwool either…but little girl is sad, and over watered to me


As long as it feels damp it’s all it needs. What do you intend to transplant this in?


welcome the the community

im going with DWC

should i take the cover off and let them air out some what

Probably best. And since the rockwool has done it’s job you can go ahead and pop it into a bigger container (your call).

Watering is an issue with new growers. Overwatering more so.

I can’t get seeds to sprout in rockwool. I only tried once and have no interest in losing more seeds trying again.

I do use them for clones because they hold moisture longer than other mediums. I was tempted to do a grow in 100% rockwool, but I’m doing nicely in soil.


Welcome to the forum and your first grow. Many people have issues with rock wool cubes being too wet so you’re probably correct in not watering while they feel wet.


I’m with the above growers let it dry up a lil. Not dry out. I’m not a DWC grower. But I’m growing in coco now (first grow in coco) it’s similar in some ways.
Happy Growin and welcome :pray: to the best place you can be. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Well almost day 6
Nothing from the white widows yet but bubblegum and ak47 are growing


They are coming around. Be patient this is the toughest part :crossed_fingers::v::call_me_hand:


Learning a lot

the girls are in their new homes

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Now the fun begins. May the Grow smile upon your grow! :pray::crossed_fingers::v::call_me_hand:

so far i think they look good…didnt water at all in the rockwool.
wish the white widows would have sprouted

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I ment to say May the Grow Gods smile :blush: upon your grow. :person_facepalming:t2:
How long have the others been germin? :v::call_me_hand:

looking good. those systems always interest me.

the ak47 sprouted 4 days, the bubblegum 5 days…today is the seventh day.
im not sure why the white widows didnt sprout…everything was done the same

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