My very first ever growing. Is it ready for harvest?


Starting from a tiny seed 3 months ago and now I believe it is near harvesting.
I am first time grower and this is the first harvesting. It’s just short 3 months of growing but since I am growing this for my husband’s cancer treatment, in some ways, it has been a long 3 months.
Now, I believe it is getting near harvesting, Out of 5 seeds, all growing successfully but at a different rate. So, 2 plants out of 5 plants, to my opinion, will be ready soon, but I don’t want to cut it too early.
I am seeking your advice how long do I need to wait before I cut them. Or how to tell it is really ready to be cut.

It’s Banana Kush and It’s been 2 weeks into flushing.


Awesome looking plants! Do you have a jeweler’s loupe or microscope?


Yes, I do have one. should I take a new photo (more detail photo) and upload?


Yes. With the loupe your looking for the trich color. If most clear you have time. Want them 80% milky whitish 20% amber brownish


I see. That make sense! I will take a new photo and upload. Thank you.


Here are a couple more photos. I can’t seem to get more detailed photos. :disappointed: I hope this is enough detail to determine if it is getting near harvesting or not.


Fantastic looking plants. You’ve got at least another week or two. trichome-explenation


Thank you for your reply.
I have just water these (no nuts) for about 2 weeks now. If I have to wait another 2 weeks, I should continue with flushing, (In other words, I should not add any nuts at this point.) right?


Your plants are still a really nice lush green so yes your thoughts are right just keep on watering with no nutes, really nice plants :+1:


Your plants are really deep green. Plenty of nitrogen. You should be fine with just ph’d water the next couple weeks. Ideally you want them starving themselves by harvest.


THCCBD…let the Ladies go a little more.

They will continue to bulk up and add maybe 25% more weight n size. Whatever you have done and are doing is getting great results…but…the trichrome pics show a longer wait will give you a lots bigger smile.
Have you read about splitting the stalk at the ground the last week to get it super bulked?


Support the buds, it helps them focus on adding more goodies. Tomato stakes…bamboo or plastic can be sunk into the soil and support the bigger buds with plastic coated wire.
Some of the longer buds are excellent…and can be better with two more weeks.


Have you read about splitting the stalk at the ground the last week to get it super bulked?

I don’t know what that is. Can you explain or provide me to the link/post, so that I can learned?


Take a sharp STERILE blade and slice the bottom of your stalk. Then insert a small tubish item inside of it. ‘Traumatizes’ thr plant into thinking ‘the end is near, hurry and put all energy into reproducing’ (bigger buds catch more pollen)

Similar to 48 hours of darkness right before you chop her.


PurpNgold74 has explained it well. I have no personal experience with this procedure …yet!

There are other postings about this. Basically, as stated above…split the stalk, insert something clean to keep the cut open…for the last week. The pic shows tape above and below the split. Keeps it from breaking open further. Betcha if you post asking about it…lots of good experienced folks will reply with pics and descriptions.


Im still learning myself. On my first grow really. Have plantd a few seeds here and there but never made it to harvest. Never really tried (until now when i bought seeds) and just going off the AMAZING info ive gleaned off some experienced people around here. This site is awesome.


O and if you put @ in front of someone’s name it grabs their attention.

Also with respect to lights and my wack matrix joke. I wouldnt buy any of those ‘advertised watts 4x higher then at the wall watts’ led lights. It will grow you some bud. But not what you want to be growing.


@PurpNGold74…dang! You had me fooleded into thinking you was a super experienced knowledgeable grower. sigh…yet another myth busted…lol :sob:


Ive been around man. And believe this. A knowledge SPONGE. Any and everything. Thats honestly a testament to this site that that was even a consideration :joy::joy::joy::joy:


@PurpNGold74, Thank you so much for the info. I never even heard of this until now. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do this and nothing to lose at this point (almost near the harvest time anyway). I would try this method in a week or two on my plants.