My User Name Unwrapped

Hey there ILGM’rs. I have been using the same username and email addys for years and through those years, sometimes people have wondered where/why “screwauger.”

Screwauger come from a set of very scenic water falls here in Maine.

On a somewhat humorous note, a few years back I purchased a snowmobile from a gentleman from Massachusetts. Just so happened his name was Auger. After I drove down to look at the sled, I emailed him to let him know I had the cash and wanted to arrange a pay/pickup date. My email addy has used various providers but has always been screwauger@???.

Well he didn’t respond for an inordinate amount of time and being impatient, I emailed him two more times and still no response. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, I called him after four days. He was not friendly, sort of vague and I asked him if there was a problem, did he still have the sled? He said “well yes, I do but what is the deal with your email?” He said "I figured you were nuts or just trying to scam me when you emailed me with an email that said Screw Auger (his last name being Auger but pronounced more like “o’jay” in these parts).

We got a good laugh, I bought the sled and a year later he texted me a photo from Screw Auger falls as he and his buddies took a bike ride to see the falls and he said, “to see if you handed me a line of sh*t that day.” He apologized, admitted the falls truly were beautiful and we have stayed in touch every year since then with me giving him mileage updates on his former machine (nearly 10,000 miles on it since the purchase with only consumables and elective upgrades).

have a good day!


Damn dude, that is totally a place I would hike to with my girlfriend and a pack of blunts! Gorgeous!



Many many formal hiking trails right near Screw Auger and I have hiked them all…beautiful area. Good mineral mining too.


That’s in the top 3 best posts I’ve seen ") funny af, screw auger… I bet he was thinking wtf is this dude thinking!? Haha brilliant story.

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Glad you found it amusing @McLovin777 my sled buddies will never let me forget it…

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I thought you were into ice fishing.

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That may have gone zooming over my head…Not into ice fishing.

At the end of sled season, late March, we leave camp in Kingfield and take a 800-1000 mile loop ride up through the allagash and back to Kingfield. One year we left from Wayne (buddies house) and returned there 1100 miles later through some sketchy trails melting away from under us. Good times!!!

PS Was driving Miss Elaine to work today and it dawned on me what you meant @Willd (yep, a little slow on the uptake). Hahaha my Screwauger is a natural wonder!!

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