My use of leds only I have gotten great yields

I use led lighting and have been useing them from the start and I want to show you what I been getting here lately these purple haze ILGM gentics only. Week 6

all 8 in to 10 in tall


Beautiful colors and welcome to the forum @jamesv


Thanks I like my viaparspectras


Yeah the viparspectra are top class from all the reviews etc and great value for money but amazon dont seem to be selling them now i tried to buy one but nothing they arent even comming up now when you put it in the search bar so dont know why thts happening.

You can look them online they have their own site

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Nice looking plants, they look healthy and strong brother. I bought the viparspectra 600w timer controlled and running cuncurrant veg/bloom 70/30 as there only seedlings atm. What are you running your light at?

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Right on I’m using both 600w and my 1200 w on full blast right in the end stag I got help from Bob and Lakewood they say when it’s at the bloom the more light the better lol good advice been kicking ass grow top shelf gentics plus big lighting thanks ILGM


One more thing bigger roots bigger fruits and that’s a fact


Welcome to ILGM @jamesv girls look great.

I was just on Amazon and I found them along with other kinds so maybe you need to go to Amazon and search led’s and most are on prime so two day delivery I do not know where you live mabe they don’t. Delivery where you live and there on sale

which one should i use for a 2x3x3 1/2 grow box? 450watt or 600watt and are those the white ones with the bottom fan . i been looking into cfl but i am afraid of a fire.

You need distance you need 24 ins to keep them from light burn you need a lot smaller light for a 3x3x3 sorry

Thanks i will have a look at there site. However i am in uk and i know they dont ship there new par line to the uk and thts the obe i want its alot better thn there other addition and thts amazing results and value for money well the yeildssay it all.

Yes in the usa but uk not on amazon atm thou

@jamesv welcome looks great I’m glad you joined us your plants are kicking very nice if you need anything please fill free to tag any of us just a @ in front of there name :wink:

Sorry to but in can i ask what nutrients u use again and what is your opinion on Advanced Nutrients line. Any views. ?

I’ve been using Remo nutrients in nectar of the gods here lately never tried advanced nutrients before

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@jamesv welcome to the forum looks great can wait ti see the finished product

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Thanks guys let you see end product

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