My unknown strain grow journal


gave her a chemical 20-14-13 about 1100ppm last Wed, just cause i thought it was a deficiency, still no change.


no pistils yet. she had a preflower spurt about a month ago, but now im thinking she did that because of nitrogen deficiency. it’s hard to tell with her.


@MattyBear when I gave her nectar for the gods last, her top leaves got dark and lush looking but no change on the bottom. dk what’s wrong with her. thought it could be the Kellogg soil I used.


The old deficient leaves won’t get better. Watch the new growth to see how your plant is doing currently :v:


tagging in @Humanclone


only two plants I have this year @Humanclone but working on a couple clones too.


Nice you growing outdoor! That pic reminds me of a male plant @Drillbit I could be wrong but nevertheless let it flower regardless


Shes definitely female, been preflowing already. I believe there are some pics of the preflowers in this thread somewhere. Even if i can get just an ounce off of her, ill be happy. She turned out to be a hungrier plant than i anticipated. Usually, my outdoor grows do VERY well! I’ve had them reach 8ft+ before, with topping!


I grew some 707 headband last year that turned out superb!


Update on my unknown strain; still looking healthy overall, considering all she’s been through! Starting to flower too, 100% female!


@Sasquatch, I have soil outdoors that has a 6.8ph. By adding gypsum, how quickly does it lower the ph on an established plant? I have a plant that’s struggling and I think it’s because the ph is high. Seems like my plant is getting some nutrients it needs but struggling to get others. It couldn’t be because of nutrient lock out, I started it out with organic nutrients and I even gave it a Herculean harvest flush a couple weeks ago. Seems like it started when it was very young. Just started dropping leaves from the bottom and slowly moving up. Did a radical transplant of her as a baby and I think I did something to her or the ph is too high. shes getting ready to bud now.


Good question, This is going to be the 1st time Ive used it in a grow. I’ve looked on the WWW for that info and did not find it. Did find for every article that says gypsum will help lower soil ph there was one that said it had no effect on ph. What are you using for nutes? Whats your run off ph


It’s in ground. can’t test runoff. Did slurry on the soil above the root zone and always comes out 6.8ph. was using nftg nutes but it wasn’t fixing the problem, so I switched to chemical nutes. Still nothing has helped it. I think it has something to do with the Kellogg soil I used or damaged the root system in some way. I used alfalfa meal and earthworm castings as fertilizer when it was young. after using the alfalfa, the plant did great but after using it for 1 month, this started happening. Mystery to me @Sasquatch


Uh oh you said you amended the soil with Kellogs product? Thats NOT good. It has a high level of “forest products” like 90% of the composition which is basically tree bark which locks up nitrogen and retains too much water. @highcountrygal, myself and several other members here have had problems with the Kellogs amendment. At this point amending with gypsum would help your problem. I would try to get the gypsum worked down into the soil taking care to not damage roots to badly. Hope this helps!


That explains it! Thanks.


I had been noticing that when I feed it, it’s like it gets some of the nutrients it needs but nitrogen always seemed lacking!


@hangthebanksters Thanks for your input but I do have some knowledge and do not use Kelloggs at all for my grows, I had some left over and didn’t want to have to drive any where to get more. You are speaking with ‘the gypsum queen’ and I have been using it for about 40 years now and understand all about what and how it does what it does. This is not my first 2nd third grow I have been growing probably before you were born, my friend. I learn for every mistake I have made and just consider this just another lesson to keep tucked away. The problem is solved I just let them dry out and they are still pluggin away. I stil need to get my pix from my old computer. This is an examples from my '17 growimage
got a pound + from six girlsimage


@hangthebanksters @highcountrygal I have to wait til Thursday to get the gypsum. Can’t find it locally. What is the correct procedure for using it? My plant is in ground in a 10 gal grow hole filled with Kellogg.


@DrillbitMorning! I hope you didn’t use the Kellogg’s raised bed soil, that is loaded with clay and almost killed 6 of my girls. With gypsum you don’t have to be mind full of amount for your first time ,I use a tin cup that weighs about a pound and sprinkle it all around your plants work it in and water so it gets into the soil. I think you will be pleased. next grow add it to your soil mix before you plant. Try one with and one without to really see the results. Good luck and keep me up dated, please:)


The gypsum saved her @highcountrygal! Thanks for the advice. My new journal Here I grow again on my own! SS fem #2