My tiny garden :)

The main interest I have in the gardening topic here is to find areas that overlap, so I don’t have to buy separate supplies for my regular garden and my “good” garden. For instance, caterpillars attack pot AND tomatoes, so diamataceous earth is good for both.

Today, I removed cages from my outdoor pot plants, and splashed them with a mixture of beaten egg, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, and water. That might not affect the taste of tomatoes, but will it affect the taste of my buds when smoking? Maybe a fellow pot/tomato gardener could address the pest/deer control problem better.

Anyway, I don’t put much out, just a couple of tomato plants, a little patch of onions, and a couple of other odd seeds here and there.

My 3 tomato plants, one got decimated by caterpillars, another got hit, but is still producing (the tiny tomatoes):

My tiny little onion patch:

A lone green bean:

A couple of older onion bulbs, I was surprised they grew:

Lunch!! (The sweet corn is from my niece’s garden.)

And a lonely late bloomer on the rose bush I planted 36 years ago!


Try a product called liquid fence works great keeping the deer away


@kushpa that’s great man! I started off with two tomatoe plants, a cucumber plant, and a watermelon plant 5 years ago. Every year I’ve grown more and more, always learning more as well. Keep it up!

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IMO the best product to repel deer is piss…just take a leak on a local tree close to your garden every time you go out… ideally not the same tree every time, lol… when I first bought my place I saw five or six deer every day… I have 15 acres,…after a month of pissing around my property as I am out maintaining…I have not seen any deer within a hundred yards of my place since last fall.