My tent setup and recommendations

Hello everyone! So I have a 4 ft long 5 ft tall 2 ft wide tent. I have a sunsystem lec light 315w 120/240 v (I have it on the 120v). I also have a sunsystem 150 w hps. Then I have the air ducting and everything setup. Other than that what else would I need internally ? I have extra fans as well. I was thinking about using fox farm ocean forest again. Other than that what else should I get to maximize my yields as a beginner. Thank you in advance for the feedback!!!

You’re going to run into height issues with your HPS light, those things get hot. I suggest moving the fan out of the tent, get the filter close to the top and run the flex duct from the filter to the fan. You’ll gain some head space.


I don’t exactly use the hps I was just saying I have one as back up I’m sorry. I’m using the lec 315 as the main running @NeoGroR

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I hate being this guy, I usually leave well enough alone. But I have to tell you that your 150w light is grossly undersized. You’d want a 400w. And with that, you’ll need a cool tube too.

I bet there are guys that run 600w in a 4x2.

Figure, 50 watts per sq/ft… disregard


@NeoGroR I Will have the 315w lec sunsystem running during the grow i just won’t use the 150 hps

That’ll grow some weed! Fun stuff. What strains are you planting?

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Those are the strains I bought, I hope they produce nice what should I expect from the plant with the 315 I only used the hps last grow and got 1 1/2 oz dry @NeoGroR

Tons of variables. Grow style, training method.

What Brand bulb are you using? What color spectrum?

If you nail everything and don’t have any issues. You could pull between 300 and 350 grams.

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this is the bulb that came with the light system. So a 3100k

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That’s a good bulb.

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Ok good. Honestly you are great help dude I appreciate you a lot!!! When the seeds come and I start germinating I will be sure to tag you and see how you like it.

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For sure. Count me in.

In the meantime read this journal. It’s really long. So allocate some time and take notes. Cheers!

Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

Every question you may have is in this journal somewhere.

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