My tap water is 60 PPM and my PH is 8.2 - DWC

I will be doing DWC, my question is: with only 60 PPM in my tapwater, can I avoid messing with an RO system and just use Ascorbic Acid to remove chloramine, before using in my system? I can adjust my PH down. Thanx for your thoughts on this!

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Under 200 ppm and you should be fine. As pointed out you will have to deal with chloramines. There is a product for ponds and aquariums that supposedly works too.


In my research in chloramine citric and humic acid at small amounts supposedly neutralise it.


I fill up 1 gal jugs (10) let them sit for +5 days and rotate them out ph Has been 6.8 to 7.6 that gives me a good base to start with.