My super hot soil mix


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I need help… I am using so hum soil. I’m wanting to reuse it now how do I compost easiest way so that way the soil can be used from seed to harvest Without nutrients through whole process… I have lime that’s about it. Also will the soil still work if I reused it without Composting it? Also if I just used cow manure to add in already used soil will that help soil have nutrie ts and all that good stuff?



I’m very sorry that I over looked your question.
Yes you want to start them off in a very low and as low as you can in N.P.K as POSSABLE


Thank you.


My first grow i used burpee organic from my local farm supply store. I think it was $7 a bag or something close to that and believe it or not i had great results. Since then i have used ffof and pro mix and a few other types and i will be going back to the cheap burpee organic soil. Not because it is alot cheaper but because in my opinion i had better results and better moisture control


How did you like the sohum soil? Happy with the results? Did you have to add anything during flowering?