My super hot soil mix

This mix can’t be used for seedlings or small clones. It will burn them up.
1/2 bag Fox Farms Ocean Forest
1/2 bag good natural bedding soil with no nutrients but balanced for pH
2 gallons Coco coir
1lb azomite dust
1lb dry humic acid/ bacillus mix from Grow store
2 gallons perlite
2 cups vermiculite
1 gallon worm castings
2 gallons mushroom compost.

With this soil you don’t need to feed nutrients until 6 weeks or later. It has given me good results. Add worm castings to your depleted soil and use it for seedlings.



I make my own soil. I now save a lot of money just from not having to buy nutrients and so on.
I also like the fact that I only have to water my plants maybe twice a week this gives me more time to do other things I like to do.



Good morning and how have you been. How have you girls been doing ?

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Morning sweetie! All is good here. Hope you are doing well. Last grow we couldnt hook up at the right time to smash my girls stalks. I just started a new grow & would love you to help me out when time comes.


I new I was missing something and that was it. Sorry about that but this time around i’ll be there.
I’m starting a new Journal it’s call Will’s Journal into The Unknown I can tag you in if you want.


I’m using FFOF for my next grow (start in 3 wk or so) is the FFOF too hot for seedlings as is without additives? I have heard mention of this but no comformation, should I start in other medium?

Yes please do!!! Im a tad frustrated with my growing. I cant seem to get big yields or great big buds. So this go round im trying promix hp. I used a different soil last time & harvest showed it. Only got 3/4 pound last time. Gotta go back to buying medical & pay big bucks s8nce illegal here.

I’m full on hydroponic 3 parts perlite 1 part vermiculite, and using chemical compound plant food, back to the way things used to be, chem bud.
I’m getting fantastic results, high resin output, and big fat buds!

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Just a thought … I went to a promix / potting soil mix for my containers this year (50/50), made no other changes and had quite a lot of yellowing leaves. Not the promix’s fault, but clearly I should have tweaked my nutrients, ph, something.

Still, your 12 ounce harvest is nothing to sneeze at …


Check this link out it’s to my journal and what i’m going to use ok AND SCROLL TO THE TOP


Headed there now. Thanks sweetie!

It’s typically too hot for most seeds. You could buy a good bedding soil without a bunch of amendments like Ocean Forest. You can buy a small bag of Fox Farms light warrior for seedlings. I use depleted soil from my previous grows with with some worm castings added to start the plants.


I have more than enough soil left over from this grow to fill a couple of solo cups than transplant at some point into the FFOF Just don’t the best time to transplant.

When the plant needs water more than once a day, it’s for sure time to transplant. The more you do it , you’ll get a feel for it. I plant everything in those jiffy cups made of paper. Easy to transplant @Audiofreak

Ya it will be my first time! Never thought I’d ever say that again!LOL. Current grow I just planted in a pair of 3 gal pots the wife had layin around with soil she had laying around and they didn’t dye! And it looks like I’ll get some buds out of it." Will wonders never cease" I’m hooked!


It ain’t hard if you’re willing to put in the time. I’m seeing all of these auto grow systems and I laugh at all of them. I guess they have a tiny person inside trimming the bottom and defoliating so the lights hit all the bud sites while you’re away hahaha.

@OldSkunk do you go from Dixie cup to a veg grow pot then to a bigger pot or do you go straight to a 5 gallon pot after Dixie cup

If they’re regular feminized, I go from a cup to 1 gallon smartpot for the first month to save space then to 5 gallon smart pots. If they’re Autos, I plant them in Rapid Rooters in 3 gallon containers.

@OldSkunk ok thanks @OldSkunk I just became interested in growing after yrs of paying someone for smk. I want to master this craft and I’m hoping one day i can help others grow.


Mine was to find a way to stay away opiates and get some pain relief