My super bushy one leaf clones. Monster crop clone outta control


I’ve been told by many members of this group that my clones would return to normal.
I was hoping that would come before flipping to flower, now I’m getting a little nervous is there instances were they get “ stuck”? That fact they they are just single leafing makes it had to prune or top them, yet I’m getting explosive growth. Any ideas to help me? Pix are same plant 34 days later.

as you can see, I was going for a Scrog grow but they filled it with single leaf growth!


Thanks for sharing. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome @latewood , been here since the new year because the wife got me a new hobby for Christmas. So far, I’m truly enjoying both it and the addiction of this site. I hoping enough sinks in to have a good first grow. But then again, don’t we all!


Thats a tripp. Hope someone can figure it out? @Covertgrower


Well come to the forum @Greasemonkey Tons of knowledge here , you cant go wrong


I have a super skunk monster cloned that also when vegged came back with tons of single leaf and 3 finger leaves. After some lst and a few toppings it starting getting insanely bushy with regular leaves.


Welcome to the forum @Greasemonkey I have a couple monster crop clones. These are clones taken during the first couple weeks of flower. They will have tons of preflowers, and when you switch to flowering, they’ll begin to stretch. I defoliated extensively underneath to promote larger flowers up top. I didn’t take before picture but I’ve seen improvement after that. Hope this helps. If you have more questions don’t forget to tag us using the @Covertgrower happy growing.


Should I put it to flower at this point or continue to wait until leave growth turns normal? I only ask because it’s in an explosive growth right now. Seems like a good time for many flowers to be forced by changing light cycle now? Or not?


Great topic @Greasemonkey, these all things that I will be wanting to know in month or two.:writing_hand::man_scientist:
I’ll be watching for some of the replies that you receive…


@Greasemonkey this is entirely up to you. As long as your taking good care of them, you’ll always see explosive growth. I veg for about 2 months, some more, some less. You can change to flowering anytime. It’s about how much height you have and your strain that you’re growing with how much stretch it has during flower.
Be sure to check your nutrient schedule before you get ready to switch the light schedule. Most schedules want phosphorous a week ahead of time before the change. You’ll want the nutrients ready and available to them when they want it.


Are you monster cropping with clones taken on the 21st day of fruiting mode (12/12)?
I just read on here that taking clones while they are in fruiting mode increases the chance of
getting “hermies”. So they will eventually pollinate them selves. I believe the source was a Bergman’s associate too. Thoughts?


I took my clones about that same time. I have not seen any hermies yet. It’s definitely is female. It does depend on how stable the genetics are. It’s been an interesting plant from the start. Loaded with flowers. She’s not real tall, but short. I would do this again when I take clones. Only yield numbers will tell me if it’s worth it. @Ozzimotosan1


I am saving one for that 21st day. Worth a try. Plus Spring is getting closer by the day. Second month of fruiting mode is April 6th. My patience will pay off. Will post pix on a weekly basis, since I love seeing others. Way cool!


My 2 blue dream clones. They have been growing slowl but seem to still be stuck in flower under16/8. It’s been over a month now. I plan on growing 4 ILGM strains all at one but these clones can’t seem to get it together. I hope they straighten up before my sprout develops into pre veg. Stage. This is my first semi successful attention at cloning so I have absolutely no idea of how it works just high hopes.


Try 18/6, and keep the lights 24 inches off the top. Has worked for me. You might want to get rid of some of the leaves near the dirt. What you pick off low, will add on higher.


Sometimes clones just look funny brother


Just keep topping all your tops even if they only have one leaf sharing new top… if that makes sense?
Are you worried about how tall they might get?
If not , then let them keep growing , just keep topping the crap out of them… :wink:

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That’s funny @peachfuzz . If ya look at the pix in the beginning of the post, those are after and before of the same plant same angle. Untouched because I didn’t know how to prune a single leaf plant. I thought if I did,id make it freak out again.


I never Taylor my my room to my plants… I force them to grow in the environment I provide… if they’re not happy , then I don’t keep them around… :wink:
I tend to clone a strain for at least two to three years… depending on how well it performs for me … :wink:

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If u take aa monster cropped clone or a clone from a plant in flower, it takes longer to get started bc it has to reveg but they turn into thick bushy monsters! I have a mother plant from a clone taking like a month before harvest.
If a clone hermies on u its not lilely from monstercloning, rather your plant had weak gentics and had the hermie trait already, the added stress brought it out sooner thats all.
Every fall we cut clones from our plants so we have plants for indoors during the winter and to continue with gentics the following summer with clones we know will do good and have extra vigor